How To Sell Excess Food Inventory

When overstocked food inventory will clearly never sell out and it limits your ability to buy new product, knowing how to sell the excess through Lewisco Holdings is critical to business success. We provide the bridge between the original lines of distribution and the alternative sales channels that welcome liquidated goods.

How To Sell Excess Food InventoryAn independently owned leader in the liquidation industry, Lewisco Holdings operates by purchasing unwanted goods from over 3,000 separate first line distributors and then reselling them into alternative markets, 400 distinct buyers far from original customer lines and with the absolute height of discretion.

When we screen our buyer group, we make sure that each member is separate from primary lines of distribution. These members include private retailers like mom-and-pop shops and “dollar” stores, food pantries, correctional facilities, educational institutions, charitable organizations, exporters, farmers’ markets, and deep-discount salvage groceries. Each of our buyers submits to following manufacturer restrictions regarding advertising, display, and geographic boundaries. We even provide repackaging services as Mabel’s Farm, our own private label, to solidify confidentiality.

Products we typically liquidate include food and grocery items like dry goods, canned, frozen, refrigerated, and bulk supplies; alcohol-free beverages including water, soda, juices, etc.; pet food and treats; HBA items; paper goods; and cleaning tools and chemicals. If you’re unsure whether Lewisco Holdings can handle your liquidation needs, get in touch with us.

The goods that we purchase are generally in less than perfect condition. Examples include closeouts, overstocks, merchandise with disappointing sales figures, discontinued product lines, goods near the best by date, older versions of updated products, goods with mistakes in packaging, products that are out of season or holiday, or merchandise with slow sales for some other reason.

The Superior Efforts of Lewisco Holdings

Mistakes and misjudgments during production and purchasing are common enough. Managing inventory through liquidation is an expectation in business, and we strive to be the best liquidator available. When Lewisco Holdings purchases goods, the client can be sure of fair pricing, speed, and confidentiality.

The ill effects of keeping excess inventory are quite broad. They clog up display and storage space as well as purchase lines. The overhead costs of keeping the merchandise continue to build even as the original investment remains tied up in the product. As items grow older and less valuable, the potential return on investment drops precipitously. A clean break by selling to Lewisco Holdings will aid company’s recovery of expenses and clear shelves.

Lewisco Holdings is experienced and well-prepared for buying and selling liquidated goods. We’ll pay the highest possible price and provide the steepest discounts to help everyone in our network.

What to expect from Lewisco Holdings:

  • Purchases made regardless of volume
  • Service from coast to coast throughout the continental US
  • Speedy arrangements for outright purchases
  • Straightforward process with easy, satisfying interactions
  • Immediate payment with same-day offers, payment, and pickup
  • Liquidated purchases – not brokers or traders
  • Nationally distributed warehouses via our dedicated carrier network
  • Confidential distribution to our network of buyers

Lewisco Holdings is the only answer you need when asking how to sell excess food inventory. We buy goods outright and bury them within alternative markets. Reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 for assistance whether you need to eliminate goods or would like to benefit from deeply discounted, quality goods.