When manufacturers are stuck with inventory that will not suit their primary sales channels, Lewisco steps in to offer solutions.

Highly restricted sales channels

We service a buying group of over 400 independent, salvage mom and pop stores across the united states. These stores, along with discount stores, food banks and correctional facilities keep your goods safe.

Our customers are carefully vetted

Our customers do not advertise or wholesale their purchases. Trust is all that matters. We never sell to primary markets, including primary supermarkets, full line distributors, convenience stores and restaurants

Repacking solutions under our secondary market brand, Mabel’s Farms

Lewisco’s suite of purchasing and savings options

White Label

Purchase all your goods outright. Wire for the inventory. Take full possession into one of 13 national warehouse for redistribution to our buying group

Sales Service

Supply you our sales force to sell your goods for you. You get top dollar. We drop ship directly to our customers as sales happen


We can create a turn-key technology solution for your company that connects you directly to the secondary market for an auction process allowing for higher recoupment and full transparency