Wholesale Salvage Food Suppliers

Lewisco Holdings serves as one of the foremost wholesale salvage food suppliers. Whether you have unwanted goods you need to zero out or have a need that our inventory can meet, we’re eager to take your call.

About Lewisco Holdings

Wholesale Salvage Food SuppliersAn experienced and proven liquidator, Lewisco Holdings has the capacity to procure all volumes and categories of goods for redistribution into the secondary marketplace. We offer dead merchandise a new life in more appropriate markets, helping some of the largest brands in the country confidentially minimize their losses and clear their shelves.

Key Facts Regarding Lewisco Holdings:

  • We buy products outright; we do not broker or trade.
  • We purchase merchandise regardless of volume or location.
  • We protect original customer channels.
  • We operate quickly, without effort on our clients’ part.
  • We send payment immediately, make offers quickly, and pick up the same day or the next.

Lewisco Holdings’ Sales Channels

The sales channels that we pursue at Lewisco Holdings are highly vetted. We sell to 400+ buyers with distinct accounts, spread across the country, making it possible for us to sell unlimited quantities of products to alternative buyers. The targeted manner that we use to conceal our inventory works to protect the identity and brand of our clients.

The typical buyer that we welcome into our customer channels is one of the following: a small mom-and-pop retail shop, an independent dollar store, a deeply discounted salvage grocery store, a school nutrition program, correctional facilities, a community food pantry, a farmers’ market vendor, a flea market vendor, an animal shelter, or another alternative retail, charitable, or public organization.

As part of the liquidation process, we require that all manufacturer restrictions are followed strictly. When we buy goods, our clients know they continue to control the sale of their products. Our customers abstain from display, advertisement, wholesaling, and violation of prescribed geographical bounds.

The Goods That We Buy and Sell

Lewisco Holdings holds a variety of goods within our inventory. We purchase grocery items like canned meats, fruits, and veggies; shelf-stable dry goods like pasta, cereal, and rice; frozen foods like ice cream, entrees, and convenience items; and refrigerated groceries like cheeses, lunchmeat, and butter.

Non-alcoholic beverages are also welcome in our inventory. From bottled water to energy drinks, protein shakes, sports beverages, colas, juices, juice-flavored drinks, ready-to-drink tea, prepared coffees, children’s drinks, and more, the beverages in our inventory are varied and shelf-stable.

In addition to beverages and groceries, we invite clients to offer pet items including food and treats of all kinds and general merchandise like HBA items, paper products, and cleaning merchandise.

The Process We Follow

The Lewisco Holdings liquidation process begins when potential clients provide us with relevant product information regarding the products in question. We require:

  • Photographs of the products
  • label/brand information
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition facts
  • All dates from the interior and exterior of the package
  • Package size/weight
  • Quantity of units, cases, pallets, load
  • Location
  • Desired price

With this information, we will quickly provide an offer, arranging for same- or next-day pickup and immediate payment when terms are met. We have deep purchasing power, a dedicated carrier network, and warehouses spread throughout the continental United States.

Once products are within our inventory, we target buyers whom we know to be interested in the specific category of goods.

If you’re looking for the best among the nation’s wholesale salvage food suppliers, you’ve found it with Lewisco Holdings. We buy and redistribute unwanted palleted and surplus goods, benefiting both sides of the equation. Learn more by calling (917) 651-0101, or you can contact us online.