Wholesale Salvage Food Distributors

Lewisco Holdings, as a collection of professional wholesale salvage food distributors, makes a way for salvage groceries, small mom-and-pop stores, and food banks to do more good during trying economic times. Our footprint stretches from coast to coast so that companies throughout the Lower 48 can take advantage of our liquidation services as buyers or sellers. 

Wholesale Salvage Food DistributorsThe foremost liquidator in the industry, Lewisco Holdings, provides our inventory sources and buyers with exceptionally fast and fair solutions. We bring a plethora of assets to the table including buying power, transportation components, and distribution essentials in order to move goods regardless of location or quantity. 

From a small set of pallets to several truckloads, salvage goods are welcomed into our inventory and by our customers as canceled orders, turned down loads, closeouts, discontinued lines, outdated versions of products per packaging or recipe, seasonal/promotional/holiday releases; or slow-moving for any other reason. 

When we buy goods, we purchase them outright, pay quickly, and collect them the very same day or the following day.

Liquidation Appropriate Merchandise Categories

Lewisco Holdings buys and redistributes a broad range of grocery and household items. In addition to dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods, we stock alcohol-free beverages, all varieties of cat and dog food and treats, and all types of other household goods including paper goods, cleaning materials, and HBA items.

Verified Buying Group

The hundreds of buyers we sell to are well-screened and proven to be respectful of liquidation rules. Each independent organization or retailer is far removed from the primary marketplace, making it the ideal place to conceal liquidated goods. 

Examples of the perfect liquidation buyer include prisons, county jails, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, local food banks, smaller private retailers, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative customer channels.

Paying Forward the Savings

Companies that sell to Lewisco Holdings are able to offload unwanted merchandise without risking the brand’s reputation, expending valuable employee resources, or waiting around for payment or pickup. We provide as much recoupment as is possible, clear shelves, and brand protection, and this process works quickly and conveniently.

Brand protection measures that we at Lewisco Holdings provide ensure that products aren’t displayed, advertised, wholesaled, or sent beyond geographic bounds. All manufacturer restrictions on products continue to govern them throughout liquidation. As we bury goods within alternative markets, we protect your original customer channels as well. Your brand won’t be seen where it shouldn’t be.

The Lewisco Holdings’s liquidation process is extraordinarily quick. We require material product information in order to pull together an offer, which we can usually do the same day. If you like the offer, we will pay right away and pick the goods up that day or the following day. Once we have the product, we will begin the process of liquidation.

Our 13 distribution and storage warehouses and national dedicated carrier network allow us to make short work of liquidation goods. 

We target sales within our buying group based upon the reported interests of those trusted buyers. Small budgets can be maximized and low prices can be paid forward to customers through the excellent prices we’re able to accept for our products.

For superior service from wholesale salvage food distributors, rely on Lewisco Holdings. We have streamlined practices and expertise meant to resolve inventory issues and provide savings to those who need it. Learn more or arrange to become a buyer or seller by calling (917) 651-0101 or following this link.