Wholesale Grocery Liquidators

Unsold inventory that remains on shelves can be detrimental to long-term profits, and wholesale grocery liquidators offer the solution. Lewisco Holdings specializes in moving outdated, excess inventory to the secondary marketplace.

Managing inventory begins with considering the items within your inventory that are simply taking up space. You should be able to establish fairly quickly which goods are the problem. Grocery merchandise will require a speedier resolution than other types of products.

Wholesale Grocery LiquidatorsBest buy and expiration dates aren’t always black and white. Before heading for the dumpster, consider asking Lewisco Holdings for help.

Fortunately, Lewisco Holdings offers same or next day pickup and immediate payment. Our services allow companies to restore profitability by restoring cash flow and freeing up shelf space.

We’re known within the liquidation arena as a leader. Our long history, experience, and network of buyers and sellers let Lewisco Holdings bury liquidated groceries deeply within the secondary marketplace.

Liquidating merchandise through Lewisco Holdings extends to several categories including: non-alcoholic beverages; frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food; wet and dry pet food and treats; paper goods; HBA items; and cleaning products.

Lewisco Holdings’ network includes over 3,000 sellers and 400 buyers. We also have warehouses from coast to coast to facilitate speedy pickup and delivery of goods. Speed also extends to payment; we have the resources to pay immediately.

Goods qualify for our services in the following situations:

  • Cancelled orders
  • Overstocks
  • Short-coded
  • Close-dated
  • Older versions of products with newer packages
  • Items with older versions with recipe changes
  • Closeouts
  • Discontinuations
  • Off-season merchandise
  • Any other slow-moving products

Those who buy our products are far removed from the primary chain of distribution. We don’t sell to convenience stores, restaurants, or large supermarkets. Instead, we redistribute products within the secondary market.

Each of our buyers passes screening steps designed to ensure that manufacturer’s restrictions against advertising and geographic boundaries are honored. Your products will be well hidden, protecting your brand’s reputation and your current customer base.

In general, we sell to community food banks, correctional institutions, educational facilities, deep discount salvage stores, and other privately-owned small stores. Our network of buyers includes strong relationships that let us redistribute plenty of product quickly without allowing any redistribution into the primary market. We trust those whom we sell to because they’ve proven themselves to be trustworthy. We even provide repackaging and branding under the Mabel’s Farms label to make discretion easier.

Alternatives to our regular process are available. For sellers who want to keep their products and delegate sales and shipping, we can oblige. For buyers who need specific, unique products, we can also find them. Once you determine how quickly you want to be freed from the burden of excess inventory, we can be of help.

The experts at Lewisco Holdings perform inventory liquidation at both ends – sales and purchases. We can let you recoup as much of your investment as possible instead of trashing the product and taking a loss, and we also provide buyers with a source for significantly discounted products to stretch budgets and please customers.

Give us a call whether you’d like to purchase or buy from capable and committed wholesale grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings: (917) 651-0101. We proudly provide an effortless solution to a common distribution problem excess, overstocked, and closeout merchandise.