Wholesale Grocery Liquidators Ohio

Count on Lewisco Holdings as the best wholesale grocery liquidators of Ohio. With professionalism and integrity, we purchase the goods that are in your way and conceal them deeply within non-traditional markets. 

What sets the liquidation of Lewisco Holdings apart from other companies are the elements that compose the service and the results of that service. Our experience, history, and logistical capacity let us deliver liquidation fairly, quickly, and confidentially. 

Wholesale Grocery Liquidators OhioLiquidation goods aren’t valueless. They’re still usable; they simply no longer have the pristine appeal that retail spaces demand. Rather than allowing these goods to remain in your inventory, depreciating all of the surrounding merchandise, liquidation is an effective way to handle the goods while recouping as much of the investment as possible.

Conditions that often merit liquidation may be overstocks, short-coded or close-dated items, goods near or passed the best by or expiration date, outdated products with newer versions of packaging or formulas, closeout goods, discontinued product lines, canceled orders, turned down loads, or other slow-moving inventory.

When you have goods that meet any of these conditions, choose liquidation measures. We regularly handle redistribution of groceries, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and general merchandise. Our actions are fast. We make prompt offers, payments, pickups, and sales. 

To receive an offer for your products, send us the following information:

  • Photographs
  • Label or brand
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional profile
  • Dates on the interior and exterior of the packaging
  • Package size
  • Quantity of merchandise by the unit, case, pallet, and load
  • Location of pickup
  • Anticipated price

Upon receipt of this information, we will quickly create and make an offer for your consideration. If you like it, we’ll wire the payment immediately and collect the products that very same day or the one that follows. You won’t find a safer, faster, or more effortless liquidation practice. 

Lewisco Holdings redistributes excess goods out of first-lines into alternative channels, and we do so without putting the brand’s reputation at risk. We’re proud to serve some of the largest brands in the country, and this privilege comes with proven measures of confidentiality.

Liquidation is our business, not broking or trading. We do not offer service to full-line distributors, supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants. Instead, we deal with hundreds of buyer accounts from non-traditional routes. These customers include places like mom-and-pop shops, correctional facilities, educational institutions, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, community food banks, flea market vendors, farmers markets, etc.

A plethora of customers and inventory sources helps us deal with all sorts of products when they need to move into a second life, out of the retail supply chain. Our perfected practices allow clients to have effortless solutions and buyers to benefit from steep discounts. Retail buyers are able to extend limited profit margins and pay savings forward, and organizations are able to do more with less. 

Our reputation depends on the protected reputation of the brands we liquidate. Lewisco Holdings deals with a trusted set of buyers who refrain from advertising, displaying branding, wholesaling, or violating geographic limitations. Manufacturer restrictions govern the distribution of these goods throughout liquidation. 

Discover the processes of Lewisco Holdings and how we can be of help to you as a buyer or seller of liquidation goods by calling (917) 651-0101 or contacting us online. We’re the best wholesale grocery liquidators of Ohio and beyond, here for the benefit of first-line and second-line market participants.