Wholesale Grocery Liquidators New York

Are you on the hunt for wholesale grocery liquidators in New York? Look no further than Lewisco Holdings. We can clear your space of unwanted goods, replenish purchase power, and conceal goods so that the brand isn’t negatively affected.

Wholesale Grocery Liquidators New YorkBusiness operations consist of purchasing, managing, selling, and liquidating inventory. Timing liquidation is critical; don’t wait so long that the groceries become obsolete. If you have goods within your inventory that aren’t meeting sales expectations, cut your losses and move on to another product that will sell better.

Lewisco Holdings provides service as a buyer of unwanted goods for the primary market and as a seller of liquidated goods to the secondary market. Our services don’t stop there, though. We also offer to sell goods on your behalf while you retain possession of the property, and we’ll arrange for shipping when we locate a buyer. A turnkey auction connection is also available.

Lewisco Holdings operates in the liquidation world as an experienced leader. We have a large network of buyers and sellers and operate with a large inventory of high-quality, brand-name goods.

The service that we provide is fast and fair. We’ll provide offers, payments, pickups, and redistribution quickly, understanding that time is of the essence with liquidated goods. To do so, we have thirteen warehouses spread from one coast to the other, and we use a dedicated carrier network for transportation.

Once we have the products within our inventory, we’ll target sales to specific buyers within our buying group. When we vet and add entities to this group, we request information regarding the types of products that would be of interest, and then we contact these buyers when these goods become available.

Our buyers can also request specific products. We will search within our contacts to locate these goods at bottom dollar prices and have them arrive as quickly as possible.

Items within the inventory of Lewisco Holdings includes:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Dry, canned, refrigerated, and frozen food
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • Bulk candy
  • Bulk spices
  • Cleaning products
  • Paper products

We limit the buyers of our inventory to the secondary market, with examples of these entities being private retailers, correctional facilities, schools, dollar stores, community food pantries, farmers markets, flea market vendors, and other alternative buyers. Our entire buying group must be separate from the first lines of distribution.

We do not sell to primary supermarkets, restaurants, or convenience stores because our customers and the originally intended customers can never overlap.

The buyers we welcome into our buyer group must respect liquidation discretion. The first and second lines of distribution must remain completely separate, and the brand must be fully respected and concealed. The private label Mabel’s Farms serves to fully conceal the brand when discretion is difficult.

Lewisco Holdings offers advantages to both the sellers and buyers of liquidation goods; minimizes waste in a world of hunger; and helps pass on savings to customers with limited means.

Benefit from the best among the wholesale grocery liquidators serving New York, Lewisco Holdings. We provide a fast, confidential, and convenient solution to both buyers and sellers of problematic goods. Reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 or by following this link to contact us online to benefit from the services that we provide.