Wholesale Grocery Liquidators New Jersey

Wholesale grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings serve the businesses and organizations of New Jersey with valuable services. We’ve led the liquidation industry for quite a while and have a large collection of sellers and buyers, offering fast and fair pricing and transactions.

Why Liquidation?

Wholesale Grocery Liquidators New JerseyLiquidation is the process of buying products that no longer fit within the expectations of the primary market and then re-selling those goods into secondary markets where they’re better suited. By transferring these products from first markets to second, we’re able to help primary distributors recoup some of their investment, clear space for new investment, and minimize waste.

The specific categories that we specialize in liquidating include alcohol-free beverages, groceries, paper goods, HBA items, cleaning tools and chemicals, and pet food and treats. We’re able to move all volumes of products at all times of the year because we have substantial cash reserves, a dedicated carrier network for transport, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses and redistribution facilities.

We understand how liquidation works, and we’re able to move just about any type of product. When we buy goods, we immediately begin targeting them to the specific buyers we know will be interested in purchasing them.

Choose Lewisco Holdings as Your Liquidator

Lewisco Holdings liquidates merchandise in a manner that sets us apart from the pack.

We practice with speed and integrity, delivering prompt offers, payments, collection, and delivery. Over the years, we’ve developed best practices and the logistic framework that make these high standards possible. We have streamlined methods, a dedicated national carrier network, and thirteen warehouses distributed throughout the continental United States to operate as efficiently as possible.

We do not broker or trade; instead, we buy merchandise, removing any burden of ownership. When we buy products for liquidation, the process allows the seller to reinvest with renewed purchase power, lower overhead costs, and regained space for storage and display.

We distribute the inventory that we buy from customer channels that are completely distinct from the original customers, and we provide repackaging options under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, when concealment is difficult.

The customer support from the team at Lewisco Holdings works diligently to produce satisfactory results with every transaction.

In addition to liquidation buying and selling, we also serve as a sales team on your behalf, even arranging for shipping once we find the perfect buyer, or we can provide a turnkey auction service if you find that a more appropriate outlet.

Buying from the Inventory of Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings sells products to 400+ separate entities, each of them well-vetted to make sure that all guidelines requiring confidentiality are followed. We will not put the brand or company reputation in danger of damage from being found in less than ideal condition.

These buyers that we trust with our products include private retailers and limited-budget organizations rather than primary supermarkets, restaurants, or convenience stores.

Rather than allowing poor design or purchase decisions to destroy your sales figures, choose the best wholesale grocery liquidators serving New Jersey: Lewisco Holdings. Our mission is to rescue groceries and other household products from the landfill and place them into the alternative market. We fulfill our promises of fairness, speed, and discretion for every interaction. Learn more about how Lewisco Holdings operates by calling (917) 651-0101 or following this link.