Wholesale Grocery Liquidators Michigan

In the wholesale grocery sector in Michigan, the liquidators of Lewisco Holdings play a vital role. Over many years in the industry, we’ve perfected our approach to the process, and we serve many of the primary brands within the US. If you have slow-moving merchandise, call on us to get your inventory flowing again.

Merchandise that is nearing expiration, slightly damaged, left from a prior promotion, or somehow no longer appropriate for primary lines of marketing should be up for liquidation consideration. 

Lewisco Holdings’ Practices and Promises

The primary goal of Lewisco Holdings is to avoid waste, and the measures that we use protect the brand’s identity and reputation. In the end, our clients recoup the maximum possible of the investment and overhead spent and enjoy space for reinvestment. The buyers with access to our inventory have the opportunity to purchase brand name, high-quality products at rock bottom prices. 

When you choose us for liquidation, you’ll enjoy a practically effortless process of dealing with slow-moving merchandise. We offer two things that other liquidators can’t: a large buyer and seller list along with an incredible logistics framework. Call on us when you need liquidation or would like to become a select buyer within the Lower 48 states of the US.

Our process goes much farther than grocery and food liquidation. We purchase and liquidate a wide range of food – frozen, chilled, dry, and canned goods – as well as alcohol-free beverages, dog and cat food/treats, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and HBA merchandise. If you have products and aren’t sure that they qualify for our inventory, reach out to our team for clarification.

Brand Confidentiality Included

Liquidating products does not have to come with risks. When goods are ready for liquidation, they’re not in the pristine condition that brands want for their products. They may not provide the best impression of the brand’s standards, so when they’re liquidated, care must be taken to make sure they’re not seen in such shape. We screen every single buyer to ensure that they’re far removed from the regular customer lines. 

We work for the alternative market – providing products for a few hundred vetted non-traditional buyers. The typical Lewisco Holdings buyer may be a small retail store, a deep-discount salvage grocery store, a prison/jail, educational institution, community food bank, flea market vendor, farmers market, etc.

When buyers buy from our inventory, they commit to abstain from advertising, displaying, violating geographical boundaries, wholesaling, or directing the product back into primary markets. Protection of the brand identity can sometimes be difficult, and in these instances, we offer repackaging services under our own label, Mabel’s Farms.

Liquidation Situations

When are products ready for liquidation? Knowing when to initiate the process is important and can save you from unnecessary losses. We suggest that when you have items in the following conditions, you reach out to us for guidance:

  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocks/overruns
  • Short-coded or close-dated goods
  • Products with package changes or recipe updates
  • Closeouts/mark downs
  • Seasonal, promotional, or holiday goods
  • Private label or store label
  • Otherwise slow-selling 

The straightforward redistribution method that we use employs thirteen distribution centers strategically located from coast to coast. We buy regardless of volume because we have the cash, the dedicated carrier network, and the abundance of buyers to move it. 

Choose us for liquidation and receive fast offers, payments, and pickup.

If you’re looking for wholesale grocery liquidators in Michigan, you’ve found the best here with Lewisco Holdings. Allow us to provide comprehensive service, liquidating goods a single time or on a regularly set schedule. Learn more today by contacting us online or calling our team at (917) 210-9395.