Wholesale Grocery Liquidators in Texas

In Texas, the primary and secondary links in the grocery distribution chain need the services of professional wholesale liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. We are privately owned with a nationwide footprint, and we offer convenient, confidential, and fast solutions to inventory problems.

Wholesale Grocery Liquidators in TexasThe longer that you keep merchandise with disappointing sales, the older it gets, the more overhead costs accumulate, and the less likely you are to recoup any of your increasing investment. Cut your losses, redeem as much as you can, and move on to a more profitable product line by triggering liquidation with Lewisco Holdings.

We offer the financial resources, dedicated carrier network, nationwide warehouses, and established liquidation processes to handle merchandise expediently and discreetly.

Confidential Liquidation into Alternative Channels

Managing inventory is a critical part of product distribution, and liquidation has an important role to play. However, removing goods out of first lines and placing them into second markets requires discretion and conscientiousness. We protect the brand, its reputation, and the originally intended customer base.

Lewisco Holdings vets our customers and requires that they maintain adherence to all manufacturer restrictions against advertising, display, violations of prescribed boundaries, and wholesales. We make sure that you’re able to conceal the brand fully by providing repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

The customers whom we serve include schools and after-school programs, correctional facilities, mom-and-pop shops, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, exporters, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other non-traditional customers. We do not allow the originally intended customer channels and our own to cross.

Lewisco Holdings’ Liquidation Products

The liquidation that we provide is available for a plethora of product categories. Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; alcohol-free beverages; kibble, canned, semi-moist, organic, and other pet foods and treats; and various household goods are welcome within our inventory.

The Convenience of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation

Liquidation provided by Lewisco Holdings is fast and effortless. All that we require is the information and photographs that allow us to formulate an offer. With the brand/label, ingredient list, nutrition facts, dates on packaging, package size, quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load, location, and desired price, we’ll be able to make an offer quickly.

Should you accept the provided offer, we will then wire payment right away and collect our purchase the same day or the one that follows. We’re able to do so because we have deep purchase power, a dedicated carrier network, and thirteen warehouses distributed across the continental United States. Our process is one that doesn’t cause frustration or require a significant investment of time.

Key Features of Liquidation from Lewisco Holdings:

  • Protection of the brand’s identity and reputation
  • Capacity to handle all quantities of goods
  • Outright purchasers and liquidators – not brokers or traders
  • Nationwide footprint
  • Fast offers, payment, and purchase collection

The vetted and trusted group of customers we serve enjoys the opportunity to buy brand-name, high-quality goods for rock bottom prices. We help organizations stretch minimal budgets to do more, help small retailers widen their profit margins, or establish a customer base for private store owners. Interested buyers should reach out to us, go through the screening process, and supply us with a list of the product categories of interest. We’ll reach out when appropriate products come into our inventory.

Lewisco Holdings supplies the best wholesale grocery liquidators in Texas and beyond. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to take advantage of our process, either as a buyer or seller of liquidation-appropriate merchandise.