Wholesale Grocery Liquidators in Arizona

Grocery producers, distributors, and retailers will occasionally deal with sluggish sales, and when they do, they call on Lewisco Holdings, the best wholesale grocery liquidators serving companies in Arizona and beyond to all of the Lower 48.

Wholesale Grocery Liquidators in ArizonaAs the premier liquidator in the continental United States, Lewisco Holdings brings best practices, experience, logistics, and purchase power to every project. We confidentially transfer products from first lines of distribution into secondary ones in a manner that allows all parties to avoid much effort or aggravation.

Liquidation helps buyers and sellers of worthy goods. Lewisco Holdings values our relationships, providing speed, fairness, and suitable service to every transaction. Because we nurture our contacts, we have no trouble providing successful liquidation.

Full Customer Satisfaction for All Lewisco Holdings Contacts

Lewisco Holdings has a long history of providing stellar liquidation by buying unwanted goods and then redistributing them into suitable outlets. Don’t think of us as a broker or a trader. Highlights of the Lewisco Holdings process include:

  • Recoup investment and mitigate losses
  • Fast and appropriate liquidation
  • Logistical capacity for all volumes of product
  • Restored space for reinvestment
  • Brand, customers, and reputation protection
  • Fast purchase collection and sales delivery
  • Discreet resales of liquidation products
  • Quick, fair offers and payments
  • Single-source for grocery liquidation

The product categories that we liquidate vary quite widely. In addition to all types of shelf-table, alcohol-free beverages, we buy and sell groceries of all types – canned, refrigerated, frozen, and dry – as well as household closeouts including HBA items, paper goods, and cleaning merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings buys goods from all sorts of first-line operators, from producers to distributors, importers, exporters, and retailers. Reach out to us for a fast liquidation solution. All we need is photos, the brand/label, product type, quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load, desired price, all dates on package, package size, ingredient list, nutritional profile, and location for pickup. This info will allow us to make an offer – usually the same day that it’s requested.

When you accept the offer, we wire payment immediately and arrange for product collection that day or the one that follows.

We sell to a buyer group that’s hundreds strong, but every buyer is well-vetted and trustworthy. They all submit to manufacturer restrictions that prohibit advertising, display, violating geographic bounds, and wholesales.

Examples of typical Lewisco Holdings customers include independently owned grocers, salvage grocery stores, schools and after-school programs, community food banks, correctional institutions, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other non-traditional outlets.

Liquidation is a matter of course for the world of distribution, but Lewisco Holdings offers a method that is easy and confidential. If you have aging, obsolete goods that are interfering with the continued profitability of your endeavors, reach out to us. We’ll help you make way for new inventory without any work involved.

As leading wholesale grocery liquidators in Arizona and beyond, Lewisco Holdings purchases and redistributes large volumes of liquidation-worthy goods. With thirteen nationally distributed warehouses, experts in the liquidation world, and deep purchase power, Lewisco Holdings can handle your needs. Learn more today by clicking here or calling (917) 210-9395. We work hard to make sure that usable items enjoy a second life despite poor product choices, and this process benefits small retailers and organizations with a finite budget.