Wholesale Grocery Liquidators Florida

Wholesale grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings provide community food pantries, schools, after-school programs, and privately owned discount stores with usable goods. Budgets may be lean and money tight, but we aim to help make every penny go further.

Wholesale Grocery Liquidators FloridaA primary liquidator that serves the entire continental United States, Lewisco Holdings deals in a broad range of goods including food, beverages, and select household items. We’re committed to providing service marked by confidentiality, timeliness, and integrity.

Quality Questions Regarding Liquidation Goods

Liquidated goods are all too often considered to be useless. Unfortunately, these assumptions lead to waste in a world of need and greater losses than are necessary. We purchase products that are viable and redistribute them quickly. Bear in mind that dates on products are often arbitrary and indicate the height of taste, not safety. In fact, the only FDA mandated expiration date refers to baby formula.

Lewisco Holdings deals in goods that are mis-labeled, marked down, outdated or nearly expired, or otherwise disappointing in sales.

The basic process of liquidation is to remove products from first lines of distribution in order to conceal them within alternative channels. To accomplish this goal, we target members of our buyer group, depending on their interests and needs. In order to make the purchase, the buyer must follow through by adhering to manufacturer prescribed restrictions. We do supply repackaging with our own private label Mabel’s Farms when it’s too difficult to avoid brand display.

How We Operate

Primary marketers with surplus merchandise taking up too much room and blocking cash flow contact us for liquidation. They then provide us with the information needed for an appropriate offer and buy the goods if the marketer accepts the offer. Our clients include some of the largest brands in the country, and our inventory reflects the quality these relationships bring. To stay in the first-line markets, these goods have to be immaculate, so when we buy them, they’re still of impressive value.

We have a large rolodex of long term, well-established relationships of both buyers and sellers. The professionalism that we exhibit with every interaction is responsible for these continued relationships, and through them, we’re able to provide a varied inventory that satisfies the needs of our buyers. The speed we promise comes in the offers, payments, collections, and deliveries, and we make this speed possible through Lewisco Holdings processes, dedicated national carrier team, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses.

In addition to liquidation purchasing and redistribution, Lewisco Holdings can provide clients with sales services while they retain possession of the goods, or we offer a turnkey auction service for clients who prefer that method of disposal. Our customers can also benefit from targeted sourcing when they require specific products. We’ll scour our inventory sources for the best price on the required goods.

For liquidation to begin, you’ll need to reach out with the information needed to make an offer. This info includes the following:

  • Photographs
  • Brand name/label
  • List of ingredients
  • Size of package/product
  • Nutrition facts
  • Dates on the interior and exterior of the package
  • Location for collection
  • Units/case, cases/pallet, and pallets/load
  • Desired amount for payment

Lewisco Holdings offers premiere service from wholesale grocery  liquidators in Florida. Discover how liquidation can be beneficial to your business or organization by calling (917) 651-0101 or contacting us online through this link.