Wholesale Grocery Liquidators Colorado

The work of wholesale grocery liquidators like Lewisco Holdings helps the first- and second-lines of distribution in Colorado and beyond. We’ll unclog avenues of purchase power, clean out storage and display spaces, and help recoup as much of the initial investment and overhead as possible. 

When you need to move difficult-to-budge inventory, call on the team at Lewisco Holdings to resolve your inventory problems. 

A proven liquidation provider, the team at Lewisco Holdings buys and sells unwanted, nearly dead goods, giving them new life. We have a long history of successful liquidation, and with a significant number of contacts, we’re able to conceal all volumes of merchandise within secondary markets. 

The merchandise that we buy fits into all of the following product categories:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry food
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Kibble, canned, jerky, biscuit, and other style cat and dog food/treats
  • Paper products
  • HBA items including cosmetics and toiletries
  • Cleaning goods including tools and chemicals

Large Network of Liquidation Buyers and Sellers

The long-term relationships that we have fostered over many years allow us to work quickly, fairly, and quietly. Routine purchases from thousands of primary marketers, some of the largest brands in the country, create our diverse and large inventory. Lewisco Holdings pays quickly and collects our purchase the very same day or the one that follows.

Call on us if you have goods that fall into any of the following situations:

  • Canceled orders and turned down loads
  • Overstocks and overruns
  • Short-coded or close-dated
  • Package or formula changes
  • Closeouts or mark downs
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional items
  • Otherwise slow-moving merchandise

The buyer list that we service is also significant; we serve 400+ customers who shop our inventory. We DO NOT sell to full-line distributors, convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets. Our customers are far removed from the originally intended destination. 

Our customers include:

  • Flea market vendors
  • Farmers markets
  • Educational institutions
  • Correctional facilities
  • Animal shelters
  • Community food banks
  • Deep-discount salvage grocery stores
  • Specialty retailers
  • Small mom-and-pop stores
  • Other off-the-beaten path entities

With the well-established, vetted customer group, we’re able to conceal great quantities of goods within appropriate places for liquidation products. 

Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings protects the original client base and the brand’s reputation. Measures to provide this protection are rigidly followed by the professionals and customers of Lewisco Holdings.

Best Practices We Follow

Lewisco Holdings’ dedicated carrier network and nationally distributed warehouses facilitate nationwide liquidation. No matter where you are or how much volume of goods you have to move, rely on us.

Begin liquidation today by providing our staff with photos of the goods in question along with the brand/label, a list of the ingredients, the nutritional profile of the products, the package size, all dates from the inner and outer packaging, the quantity of goods, the location, and the preferred price.

We can also let our sales staff find a buyer and arrange for drop shipment while you keep the goods. Alternatively, we offer a turnkey auction solution for products that you’d rather not pursue liquidation.

The buyers we serve can also receive special help. When you have unique needs, let us know. We will search high and low through our contacts to locate specifically requested merchandise. 

Lewisco Holdings offers service from professional liquidators in Colorado for the purchase and resale of wholesale grocery items. If you can’t sell products, let us give them a new life. Reach out by clicking here to contact us online or by calling (917) 210-9395.