Wholesale Grocery Liquidators California

Wholesale grocery liquidators operating in California, including Lewisco Holdings, provide distributors, manufacturers, and retailers with smart solutions to common problems that plague the distribution chain.

Wholesale Grocery Liquidators CaliforniaAn imbalanced inventory is problematic to the profitability of a business. Companies will have to rebalance the situation by liquidating the slower selling goods in order to replenish the inventory with better options. This process in turn provides the opportunity for alternative channel customers to purchase quality goods at very low prices.

Providing Savings to Those Who Need It

Private retail stores like mom-and-pop grocers and dollar stores need a niche in the market to establish a loyal customer following. Lewisco Holdings can provide you with an avenue to secure great deals that you can pass on to customers, becoming known as the place for groceries when times are tough and belts are tight.

We also supply products to schools, prisons/jails, community food banks and other organizations with little money and great need.

If you’re looking for excellent deals to pass on to customers and clients, choose Lewisco Holdings. We offer many types of products, and while we require that all buyers refrain from display, advertising, wholesaling, and violating geographic limitations, we do offer Mabel’s Farms, our own private label. Any alternative customer who is willing to abide by the required discretion is welcome to call our team.

The inventory that you’ll find at Lewisco Holdings includes a broad range of goods including alcohol-free refreshments, bulk candy, bulk staples, bulk spices, grocery items, pet food and treats, paper goods, cleaning chemicals and implements, and HBA items.

The goods that we buy aren’t in perfect condition. They may be outdated or near it, promotional leftovers, older versions of products with newer packaging or formulations, closeouts, turned down loads, and other merchandise that is no longer suitable for primary markets.

We sell to customers across the country, restricted only by the manufacturer’s geographic prescriptions. Our service is fast because liquidated goods are on the clock. We buy, collect, and redistribute to targeted buyers as quickly as possible.

Asking questions when planning to buy liquidation goods should be standard. We realize that you need to be confident in the quality of the goods that you buy in order to justify the purpose.

Lewisco Holdings has a relatively small number of buying entities, especially in light of the thousands of clients from whom we buy. If you’d like to purchase from us, you’ll simply need to verify your status as an alternative customer and your willingness to confidentiality.

The purpose of Lewisco Holdings is to limit waste while helping both ends of the distribution chain. Primary markets gain clear shelves and money to reinvest, and secondary markets gain usable goods at incredible prices.

Buyers within our network can also count on us to search for particular products they need. With this option, they can fill needs with the best deal available.

We’re also able to provide special services to our inventory sources. Companies can choose to keep possession of their products while we search for a buyer, arranging for shipping when we find one. Alternatively, we can provide a turnkey connection to auction services.

The wholesale grocery liquidators in California, specifically Lewisco Holdings, provide a much needed service. We have mastered the elements of liquidation and can provide the fastest and fairest service available. To discover more about how your business or organization can benefit from our service, call (917) 651-0101 or contact us online.