Wholesale Food Liquidators in Florida

Companies on the hunt for wholesale food liquidators in Florida can stop their search by reaching out to Lewisco Holdings. We supply fast, fair, and confidential liquidation to many of the largest brands in the country, buying and redistributing food and grocery products. 

Wholesale Food Liquidators in FloridaAs a liquidation specialist, Lewisco Holdings’ expertise lies in the purchase of excess groceries, beverages, and household goods. We buy the following:

  • Dry foods like cookies, pasta, rice, and cereal
  • Canned goods like tuna, veggies, sauces, and fruits
  • Frozen foods like entrees, breakfast items, and desserts
  • Refrigerated food items including milk, cheese, lunchmeat
  • Alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages like soda, water, sports drinks, and more;
  • Health and beauty aids including cosmetics, toiletries, and hygiene products;
  • Paper products like bathroom tissue, paper towels, and disposable plates and cutlery;
  • Cleaning implements and chemicals including brooms, mops, and anti-bacterial cleanser.

The conditions that we find these goods ready for liquidation aren’t perfect. We buy goods that are no longer pristine but are still in usable condition. From being near or past expiration or best by dates to overstocked, overrun, closeout or marked down, discontinued, leftover from older versions of products, mis-labeled, imported, private label or store brand, canceled orders or turned down loads, or otherwise slow-moving, liquidation-appropriate products are welcome to the Lewisco Holdings inventory.

Buyers of our inventory need to fit a couple of prerequisites:

  • Operate outside of traditional lines of distribution
  • Agree to follow all manufacturer restrictions.

Within our buyer network, you will not find restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, or wholesalers. You will find a few hundred separate entities including small privately owned corner stores and dollar stores, salvage grocery stores, community food pantries, prisons and jails, educational institutions, flea market vendors, farmers markets, after-school programs, and animal shelters.

This limited buyer group allows manufacturers to maintain control throughout the liquidation process, and the size and distribution of our buyer group lets us handle all quantities of goods from thousands of different companies, including some of the major brands in the country.

The manufacturer restrictions placed on products follow them throughout liquidation for a reason. We require that all of our buyers avoid display, advertising, wholesaling, and selling outside of geographic boundaries. Our private label Mabel’s Farms even makes sure that the most difficult to conceal brands remain confidential during liquidation.

If you’re reading to liquidate unwanted inventory, contact Lewisco Holdings and provide the following information related to the products in question:

  • Photographs
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition facts
  • Brand/label
  • All dates on interior and exterior of packaging
  • Package size
  • Quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

We’ll provide an offer quickly – often the same day, and if you accept this offer, we’ll pay immediately and collect our purchases the same day or the next. With thirteen warehouses/distribution centers and a dedicated carrier network, we begin targeted resale quickly.

Alternative Services from Lewisco Holdings

  • Proxy sales services paired with drop shipment once sales are made;
  • Digital turn-key auction solution;
  • Product search for buyers within our customer network.

If you need wholesale food liquidations in Florida, you can rely on Lewisco Holdings to perform in a manner that surpasses your expectations. Click here to contact us online or phone (917) 210-9395 to arrange for liquidation sales or purchases through our professional team of liquidators.