Wholesale Food Buyers

Lewisco Holdings welcomes the opportunity to benefit wholesale food buyers in the primary and secondary markets. First-line distributors gain unclogged sales and cash channels, and secondary market participants gain low prices and quality goods.

Wholesale Food BuyersOur history establishes our ability as a liquidator for a range of goods, including grocery, beverage, and general merchandise. We have a large collection of sellers and buyers with whom we do business, so we’re able to handle problem goods quickly – regardless of volume.

The special liquidation Lewisco Holdings provides includes the following types of merchandise:

  • Food (shelf-stable dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated products)
  • Alcohol-free beverages (water, juices, prepared teas, sports drinks, etc.)
  • Pet food and treats (canned, kibble, jerky, biscuit, etc.)
  • Bulk products (candy, spices, staples, etc.)
  • HBA products (toiletries, deodorants, etc.)
  • Cleaning goods (chemicals and implements)
  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)

The Wholesale Clients We Service

Wholesale companies make up a significant portion of the 3,000+ primary marketers from whom we purchase goods. Wholesale goods of interest include those products that are short-coded, near “best by” dates, have disappointing sales, part of a discontinued line of products, marked as closeout, overstocked, older versions of updated products, left over from seasonal or holiday promotions, off-spec or mis-labeled, or slow-moving for one reason or another.

The Wholesale Buyers We Service

Our buyer group is much smaller than the group from which we purchase. We sell to over 400 buyers – each one vetted thoroughly. When goods come into our inventory, we target sales to the buyers we know will be interested.

Our buyers are generally privately owned or state-based institutions. The opportunity sales we provide allow these institutions to either maximize a small profit margin and build a customer base or do more with a small budget. Examples of our buyers include small private retailers, discount salvage grocers, educational institutions, flea market vendors, farmers markets, food pantries, correctional facilities, exporters, and other organizations outside of the primary market. We DO NOT sell to convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets.

When we make sales of liquidated goods, we protect the original brand with confidential processes and strict demands of our buyers to follow manufacturer restrictions. We do not allow wholesale sales of our products, advertising, heavy display, or sales outside of the prescribed geographic limits.

How Lewisco Holdings Operates

Are you a wholesaler who needs to trigger liquidation? All that you need to do is call us or use our website to provide photos and relevant information about the goods. We need to know the label, ingredients, nutrition info, all dates, package size, quantity of goods, location, and desired rate. Once we have this information, we’ll quickly tabulate an offer.

When you receive the offer, if you accept, Lewisco Holdings will provide prompt payment and will pick up the goods that same day or the next. Our service covers the entire continental US, and we have the nationally broadcast warehouses and dedicated carrier group required to make it happen.

Lewisco Holdings provides wholesale food buyers with an avenue of recouping a portion of their investment and clear storage spaces should sales disappoint. The products we buy will be buried deep within the secondary market. Discover how we can be of service to you as a seller or buyer of liquidation goods by calling (917) 210-9395 at your convenience.