Wholesale Food Brokers in Chicago

When it comes to handling unwanted food merchandise, Lewisco Holdings offers liquidation services far superior to any wholesale brokers in Chicago. Rather than taking a complete loss on your investment, turn to us for an easy solution. We offer services to the entire continental United States and always provide customer satisfaction, always.

Wholesale Food Brokers in ChicagoEntrusting Lewisco Holdings for liquidation rests on the fact that we have a strong logistical setup, network of contacts, and deep purchase power, in order to redirect products discreetly. We have a dedicated carrier network and thirteen warehouses around the country. Leading the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings awaits the opportunity to serve buyers and sellers who require liquidation.

We offer liquidation for a wide range of products – groceries, beverages, pet items, and general household goods. Moving items quickly at low, low prices, we provide the best of liquidation.

In no way should you consider us a broker or trader.

Process for Successful Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings

Hiring Lewisco Holdings for liquidation brings a return on as much of your investment as possible. We can liquidate merchandise in a range of conditions including those that are out of season, close-dated, near or past best by or expiration dates, closeout, overstocked, leftover from prior product lines, discontinued, and otherwise lagging in sales.

Contact Lewisco Holdings to begin the fast and fair process. We will send an offer the same day that we receive the request in most situations, and if you accept the offer, we’ll pay immediately and make arrangements to collect our purchase that day or the one to follow.

To receive an offer, send us the product category, photographs, brand/label, the ingredient list, nutrition profile, package size, all dates on the package, units/cases/pallets/ and loads of product, desired price, and location.

Lewisco Holdings deals with 3,000+ sellers and 400+ buyers, providing efficient liquidation with complete integrity.

Once items are within our inventory, we begin targeting sales to our buyer group, but how do you become a Lewisco Holdings buyer?

We move large amounts of merchandise, so we’re always ready to add a trustworthy buyer to our network.

The buyers with whom we deal are far from the original lines of distribution in order to protect the brand and its reputation. We never sell to mainstream grocery stores, quick marts, or restaurants. All of our products go into the alternative market, where you’ll find deep-discount salvage grocery stores, community food banks, correctional institutions, schools, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and others.

If you fall into the alternative market and can commit to discretion, we can welcome you as a buyer. None of our buyers display, advertise, violate geographic limitations, or wholesale the goods that we sell to them.

Clients of Lewisco Holdings can also choose to ask us to serve as a proxy sales team or provide them with a digital turnkey auction solution for inventory. We also provide our buyers with a product searching service. When our buyers require specific goods, they call on us, and we find them within our network of clients.

Lewisco Holdings stands out well above any wholesale food brokers in Chicago. Our services as a liquidator will allow you to reinvest in more profitable merchandise, and as a redistributor of liquidated goods, we’ll help buyers do more with less. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to learn more on how we can be of service to you.