Wholesale Closeout Food: Where to Buy?

Looking for the ideal place where secondary market members can go to buy wholesale closeout food products? Lewisco Holdings provides an ideal solution for those who need to divest of closeout foods and those who would like to purchase them. 

Wholesale Closeout Food: Where to Buy?Lewisco Holdings buys goods from first-line market players – distributors, retailers, wholesalers, etc. – and sell them to second-line market players – jails/prisons, schools, farmers markets, community food pantries, and deeply discounted salvage grocery stores. Should you fall into either category and would like to avail yourself of our services, reach out today.

Imperfect Doesn’t Equal Useless

Liquidation goods are useful goods. They aren’t pristine, meaning that they no longer belong in primary market spaces, but they aren’t destined for the landfill either. Typical conditions that merit liquidation include all of the following:

  • Closeouts
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocks or overruns
  • Short- or close-dated goods
  • Leftover products from previous product formulations or packaging
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Slightly damaged products
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional items
  • Slow-selling goods. 

The dates found on groceries aren’t mandated by the FDA, except in the case of baby formula. They’re quite arbitrary, actually, and the phrasing used with them reflects this fact. Rather than wasting perfectly good food, direct products into liquidation where they can be of use in a nontraditional retail environment or by limited-budgeted organizations. 

Lewisco Holdings’ Liquidation Product Categories:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned groceries
  • Alcohol-free and shelf-stable beverages
  • Dog and cat kibble, canned, jerky, biscuit, and other style pet foods and treats
  • Paper products, such as, toilet paper, cutlery, paper plates, etc.
  • HBA items including toiletries, cosmetics, and hygiene items
  • Cleaning products like tools and chemicals.

The diversity of our inventory allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of entities. Our buyers can even request that we find them specific products when needed.

We’re also able to provide alternatives to our inventory sources – either a turnkey auction connection or a proxy sales team.

Welcome Sellers and Buyers of Closeout Goods

The buyers and sellers of liquidation goods deal with Lewisco Holdings on a long-term basis. We have a trusted buyer group that includes 400+ separate buyers and a network of clients from whom we make purchases that includes thousands of primary marketers, some of whom are the most substantial brands in the country. 

As part of liquidation, we send goods discreetly into nontraditional markets, where we ensure that brands aren’t displayed or advertised. Our customers are also restricted from violating geographic boundaries, wholesaling the products that they buy from us, or selling to the originally intended customer channels. For this reason, we do not sell to convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets. 

Choosing liquidation is the smart move for reasons other than hoping to avoid waste. We also promote the movement of cash flow and the clearing of shelves. We operate quickly – providing fast offers, payment, collection, and targeted resale.

We also act with integrity, concealing merchandise within alternative channels to protect the identity and reputation of the original brand, employing a private label, Mabel’s Farms, for repackaging services.

Do more with a finite budget or pay forward savings opportunities by knowing where to buy wholesale closeout food. Lewisco Holdings minimizes waste and amplifies recoupment while burying products within alternative markets. Learn more about how liquidation can benefit you, as a seller or buyer, by contacting us online or by calling (917) 210-9395.