Wholesale Candy Closeouts

Lewisco Holdings specializes in liquidation of everything from frozen food inventory to wholesale candy closeouts and alcohol-free beverages. First-line marketers who need to move products that are otherwise dead count on us to recover a portion of the original price and overhead expenditures.

Wholesale Candy CloseoutsTo liquidate goods, send us the following information: nutritional information, photos, dates from every part of the package, package size, quantity of units in a case, cases per pallet, and pallets per load, location, and preferred price. This information will allow us to make an informed offer for outright purchase of the load.

If you agree to our terms, we will pay immediately and then pick up the products that same day or the next.

Count on Lewisco Holdings to be your liquidation provider. We can intervene to help you clear your shelves, renew your purchase power, and restock your inventory.

Our experience and expertise inform our ability to liquidate products and satisfy liquidation sellers and buyers. We have the purchase power, dedicated carrier network, and thirteen warehouses needed to buy and liquidate products in a targeted fashion without regard to quantity or time of year.

Lewisco Holdings product categories:

  • Groceries including refrigerated, frozen, canned, and shelf-stable goods
  • Alcohol-free beverages like juices, water, kids’ drinks, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Pet foods and treats of all types
  • General merchandise across the spectrum from HBA to cleaning and paper products

The network of contacts we use includes thousands of inventory sources and hundreds of buyers. We are not brokers or traders. We buy goods outright and then resell them into appropriate avenues.

Instead of throwing away goods you assume to be dead, call us at Lewisco Holdings. Conditions that we often accept include overstocked items, outdated products from a line with updated packaging or recipes, near or past dated items, closeouts and marked downs, promotional goods leftover after it ends, discontinued product lines, and any other slow-moving products.

Keeping products beyond its peak could be disastrous for first-line marketers. Not only could you lose your entire investment, but you could damage your company’s reputation.

Redistribution of the goods that we buy follow the second half of our process. We do not sell to first-line marketers like restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets; our customers and our clients’ customers will never overlap.

We take the originating company’s brand and reputation seriously. In addition to requiring all buyers to follow strict manufacturer guidelines, we also provide repackaging services under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, when concealment of the brand is difficult. Our buyers do not advertise, wholesale, display, or go beyond geographic bounds.

Lewisco Holdings sells to discount salvage grocery stores, private dollar stores, specialty shops, community food banks, correctional facilities, schools, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other entities.

To become part of the Lewisco Holdings buyer group, follow through with our screening process and let us know the types of goods that are of interest. We can use this information to reach out when merchandise becomes part of our inventory. When you need specific products, we can also scour our seller resources to find them for you.

Liquidation from Lewisco Holdings extends from grocery staples to wholesale candy closeouts, bottled water, and more. Contact us by calling (917) 651-0101 or reaching out online to discover more about the various services that we offer.