Where to Sell Surplus Pet Food Supplies

Lewisco Holdings is where conscientious first-line marketers go to sell surplus pet food supplies. Excess products can be extremely problematic for distributors, retailers, and wholesalers alike. As leading professional liquidators, Lewisco Holdings can give second life to merchandise that can’t be used in primary markets.

Where to Sell Surplus Pet Food SuppliesWe’ll buy dog, cat, fish, and other pet foods outright and resell them into more appropriate customer channels. Not only is our process easier than trying to liquidate them on your own, but we also provide greater recoupment of your investment. All that you’ll have to do is provide us with the relevant product info, and we’ll do the rest.

Pet Food Categories for Liquidation

The dog and cat food products that we liquidate include any of the following categories:

  • Dry – kibble types of dog and cat food are available in a plethora of brands with varying ingredients and nutrition levels. This type of pet food is made through extrusion, much like pasta, and then dried to take out moisture. This type of food can last for a long time when stored in a dry location.
  • Wet – canned dog and cat food is simply cooked and canned rather than extruded. Depending on the brand, the ingredients are primarily the same; canned food simply has far more moisture. Aging pets often find canned food easier to eat.
  • Semi-moist – while extruded like kibble, semi-moist food is cooled instead of dried afterward, so the moisture content remains higher than dry dog and cat food.
  • Natural – natural pet food parallels the unprocessed foods that are healthier for food consumption. These foods come from plant, animal, and mineral sources, but they don’t go through processing or have synthetic additives.
  • Organic – these pet foods meet the same guidelines required for human foods to be labeled as organic.
  • Raw – uncooked and untreated meat, bones, organs, and/or eggs qualify as raw pet foods. This type of pet food can result in food poisoning through bacteria.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian – pet food can be vegetarian or vegan, just as adult food. For most healthy animals, this diet is fine, but for malnourished, sick, or vulnerable animals, the food may need to have animal-based nutrition.
  • Weight Management – when animals are overweight, the family vet will suggest switching to a weight management pet food for a period of time.

When manufacturers and warehouses find that they have too many of these or other pet food supplies, they call on Lewisco Holdings. We then buy the products and sell them to targeted alternative buyers like deep-discount salvage stores, animal shelters, rescues, and trap and spay or neuter operations.

The liquidation process that we provide is fast and effortless. Deep purchase power, a dedicated carrier network, thirteen nationally distributed warehouses, and over 400 distinct buyers make it possible for us to dispense with a wide array of merchandise.

Beyond pet supplies, we also buy and distribute unwanted groceries, beverages, and household goods. Don’t store less-than-pristine products that aren’t moving. Liquidate them in order to invest in more profitable merchandise.

If you’re wondering where to sell surplus pet food supplies, stop looking and count on Lewisco Holdings. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to speak with the liquidation experts among our team to arrange for a fast, fair, and discreet solution to your inventory problem or to become an opportunity buyer of our liquidated goods.