Where To Sell Overstock Food & Groceries?

If overstock food & groceries have begun to limit the profitability of your business, you’ll need to find where to sell these goods. The answer is Lewisco Holdings. We offer liquidation in the most efficient fashion possible, without a limit regarding volume, location, or time of year.

Where To Sell Overstock Food & Groceries?Overstocked and other slow-selling merchandise can be problematic for your business. Lewisco Holdings provides a solution that lets first-line businesses recover from this problem without taking a complete loss. Once we purchase these products, we’ll send them to suitable channels for purchase in alternative channels. 

From overstocked grocery and food items to alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and general household items, a range of merchandise can be taken out of the way, a portion of the investment recouped, and the brand protected with discretion.

Lewisco Holdings has provided liquidation throughout the years, perfecting how we operate. As we work, we ensure that our operations are fast and convenient. 

Confidential and Fast Liquidation Efforts

The network of sellers and buyers that Lewisco Holdings serves is integral to our success. We sell to a few hundred vetted buyers, all distinct from the first lines of distribution. Mom-and-pop retail shops, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, prisons, schools, community food pantries, flea market vendors, and other opportunity buyers shop our inventory. We avoid selling to first-line participants like restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets. 

The goods that we buy and sell include shelf-stable dry goods; canned veggies, fruits, and meats; frozen appetizers, entrees, and desserts; and refrigerated food items, as well as alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and household goods. 

The condition that liquidation-worthy goods are in may vary but will somehow make the products no longer appropriate for first lines of distribution. Goods may be overstocked, marked as closeouts, turned down, discontinued, leftover from a promotion or upgrade, off-season, or otherwise slow-moving. 

The volume of merchandise that needs to be liquidated won’t affect Lewisco Holdings’s processes. Whether you have a few cases or several loads, allow our team to handle it without requiring effort on your end.

Confidential Buying Available for Select Customers

To buy liquidated goods from Lewisco Holdings, you’ll need to complete a thorough vetting process. The geographic limitations, rules against display and advertising, and prohibition against wholesaling continue to govern liquidation goods throughout their use.

If you’re interested in buying from our inventory, reach out to discover how our products can help your organization or private retail space. As a Lewisco Holdings buyer, we will even source goods on a targeted basis upon request.

On the other end, if you’d like to sell your unwanted products to Lewisco Holdings, provide us with some info. We’ll need photos, the label/brand, a list of ingredients, nutrition facts, package size, all dates, the quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load, location, and preferred price. This info will allow us to make an offer, and if you accept that offer, we will pay immediately and collect the purchase the same day or the following day.

If you have an overstock of food & groceries, Lewisco Holdings is where you should go to sell those items. Our professional team of liquidators stands ready to help. Just reach out by calling (917) 210-9395 or follow this link to contact us online.