Where To Liquidate Inventory

If you’ve been wondering where to liquidate inventory, Lewisco Holdings is the solution. From first-line distributors to retailers, wholesalers, producers, and more, primary market members who need to manage excess merchandise count on us to buy those goods and conceal them within more appropriate avenues.

Where To Liquidate InventoryThe specialty of Lewisco Holdings is in managing the liquidation of groceries, beverages, pet food, and general merchandise. Regardless of quantity, location, or time of year, we’re able to targetedly place goods where they should be without endangering the brand’s identity or reputation.

Are Your Goods Ready for Liquidation?

Knowing when to trigger liquidation can be tricky. However, as a basic rule of thumb, pull that trigger sooner rather than later. From being almost expired or past the best by date to being overstocked, overrun, closeout, discontinued, outdated, mis-labeled, part of canceled orders, out of season, or just slow to sell, products in all sorts of scenarios are ready for liquidation. Continuing to postpone liquidation will result in continued overhead expenses and products that are worth less day after day.

Join the Buyer Group of Lewisco Holdings

When buyers come to Lewisco Holdings for products, they join more than 400 different accounts throughout the country. All of these buyers follow manufacturer guidelines that restrict geographic boundaries, wholesaling, advertising, and display. The large group of buyers that we cater to makes it possible to buy and redistribute without regard to volume, season, or location.

The point of liquidation is to conceal products well outside of the primary customer channels. For this reason, we keep our buyers completely separate. In the Venn Diagram of our clients’ customers and ours, there is no overlap. Choose Lewisco Holdings to be sure that your liquidated goods are never seen by your originally intended customers or with branding displayed in a less than pristine environment.

If concealment does happen to be a problem, we offer repackaging with our own private label, Mabel’s Farms. As always, the priority is discretion and brand protection throughout the liquidation process.

Join the Seller Group of Lewisco Holdings

If you have slow-moving inventory and need liquidation services, Lewisco Holdings can be the perfect solution. Not only are we discreet, but we also provide prompt payment, same or next day pickup, and fair offers. Our wide-ranging transportation network makes it possible to serve the entire country with liquidation service. We have our own dedicated national carrier fleet and thirteen warehouses distributed from coast to coast.

In order to evaluate your goods and send an offer, we will need specific information about the inventory. These specs include photos, all dates on the package’s interior and exterior, the amount of goods in question per unit, case, pallet, and load, the package size, the location, nutrition facts, the ingredient list, and preferred price.

Additional services provided by Lewisco Holdings include serving as a sales team while you keep the products and providing a turnkey auction service. For our buyers, we can search through our contacts to locate specific products when needed.

When first-line marketers need to know where to liquidate inventory, and when secondary marketers need to buy inventory, they both turn to Lewisco Holdings as the foremost liquidator of grocery products in the country. Call us today at (917) 651-0101 for an easy process as a buyer or seller of liquidation goods.