Where To Buy Wholesale Closeout Food?

There are many places where you can buy wholesale closeout food, but the best, by far, is Lewisco Holdings. Our processes, prices, and standards ensure that everyone we deal with is delighted with the experience. 

Where To Buy Wholesale Closeout Food?Lewisco Holdings is an independent provider of liquidation services with a footprint that crosses the country from the east to the west coasts. Slow-selling products and closeouts will cost money to keep, but liquidation allows sellers to break the accumulation of expenses. Liquidation also provides renewed space and cash for more profitable purchases, and buyers gain quality merchandise at low prices. 

Buyers of closeouts save money when making quality purchases, and sellers save money by recouping a portion of their investment. Liquidation also limits waste and reduces greenhouse gasses. As hunger and climate change are two serious problems today, these benefits shouldn’t go overlooked.

We at Lewisco Holdings rely on many sellers and trusted buyers to deal with a large volume of products. We also have 13 third-party warehouse locations across the country, a dedicated carrier fleet, and a well-funded ability to buy closeout goods.

When we buy products, we make fair offers and provide fast service, and we do the same when selling our inventory within our vetted network of buyers.

The inventory we sell is incredibly diverse. Reach out to our team if you’re unsure about a product’s status, but we regularly buy goods that have been turned down, marked as closeout, overstocked, leftover from promotions or upgrades, off-season, or nearly expired. 

The liquidation two-step is fairly straightforward: we buy, and we sell. 

Once we have products within our inventory, we sell them in a targeted fashion to just over 400 buyers. Each buyer is an alternative market customer, mindful of manufacturer restrictions. The original customers won’t be exposed to liquidation products, and buyers do not advertise, display, wholesale, or sell beyond geographic boundaries. 

Examples of alternative liquidation customers include mom-and-pop stores, deeply discounted salvage grocery stores, prisons, jails, schools, community food pantries, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, etc.

Liquidation starts with an evaluation and offer. For us to make an offer, you’ll need to supply us with the brand name and label, photos, an ingredient list, nutrition facts, all dates, package size, number of products per unit/case/pallet/load, location for pickup, and the preferred price.

With these details, our team can send an offer, and we usually do the same day that we receive the required information. If you like the offer, we’ll pay immediately and collect our products the same day or the next. 

Lewisco Holdings protects the original brand and the original customers. We do not serve as a broker or trader, and we do not sell our inventory to grocery stores, restaurants, or convenience stores. Furthermore, we provide repackaging services. Our private label, Mabel’s Farms, allows the original brand to be concealed so our buyers can adhere to liquidation guidelines.

Have you been wondering where to buy wholesale closeout food items? Lewisco Holdings is the choice for you, no matter your location. Learn more today by calling (917) 210-9395 or clicking here to contact us online.