Where to Buy Wholesale Closeout Food in New York

If you’re a school, nonprofit, salvage grocer, or other alternative buyer interested in where to buy wholesale closeout food in New York, you’ve found it: Lewisco Holdings. Our process extends the supply chain for tons of products throughout the United States.

Discover Lewisco Holdings

Where to Buy Wholesale Closeout Food in New YorkWhether you’re on the selling or buying end of the liquidation spectrum, Lewisco Holdings can cater to your needs. Our foothold extends from one coast to the other, and we have thirteen nationally distributed warehouses, a dedicated carrier network, and a deep well of purchase power to get the job done.

Inventory Specialties

  • Shelf-stable dry goods like rice, cereal, pasta, and crackers;
  • Canned foods like green beans, tuna, SpaghettiOs®, and Vienna sausages;
  • Frozen foods like ice cream, entrees, pizza, biscuits, etc.;
  • Refrigerated foods like dairy, sour cream, lunchmeat;
  • Pet items like wet and dry dog and cat food and treats;
  • Household closeouts like HBA items, paper products, and cleaning goods.

Consummate Brand Protection

Liquidation doesn’t have to be risky to the brand. Professional, experienced liquidators like Lewisco Holdings know how to discreetly handle liquidated products as they go into alternative markets. We’ll vet all of the buyers and require that they avoid display, advertising, wholesales, or violations of geographic limitations. We even offer a private brand, Mabel’s Farm, for the repackaging and complete concealment of the brand when needed.

It’s important to note what we are not. Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or a trader; we are liquidators. 

As liquidators, we purchase goods outright for redistribution, but we do not sell to first-line distributors, restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets. Our buyers come from nontraditional channels. We cater to the needs of a few hundred customers, entities far removed from the original customer base. These include the following:

  • Private retailer spaces
  • Salvage grocery stores
  • Community food pantries
  • Prisons and jails
  • Educational institutions
  • Flea market vendors
  • Farmers markets
  • Other alternative customers.

Liquidation-Worthy Conditions

How do you know when liquidation is appropriate?

Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation for a plethora of product conditions, but in the end, it’s up to the client to determine when goods need to be liquidated. Potential conditions that should trigger consideration of liquidation include any of the following:

  • Overstocked or overrun
  • Near or passed best by or expiration dates
  • Leftover products from lines that have new packaging or adjusted formulas
  • Closeout or marked down goods
  • Discontinued product lines 
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional merchandise
  • Any other slow-moving goods.

The logistical capabilities that we have enable us to provide fast offers, same-day or next-day product collection, immediate payment, and fast turnaround to a new destination.

Alternative services that Lewisco Holdings can provide include:

  • Serving as a proxy sales team where we find a buyer while clients retain possession, and we arrange for drop shipment once we find buyers;
  • Providing access to a turnkey digital auction solution;
  • Searching for specific products for buyers.

When the question of where to buy wholesale closeout food in New York is posed, the answer is obvious: Lewisco Holdings. We serve the entire continental US with straightforward processes that work quickly, fairly, and discreetly. One-time or recurring liquidation needs can be met for both buyers and sellers of liquidated products. To sell or buy, contact us by following this link or phoning (917) 210-9395 to get a quote for merchandise or to become a screened buyer.