Where To Buy Salvage Groceries

If you operate a community food bank, shelter, or deep-discount salvage grocery and need to increase capacity due to increased demand, you are likely searching for where to buy salvage groceries. Lewisco Holdings purchases excess grocery inventory and redistributes the goods into secondary markets, providing a source for salvaged inventory.

Where To Buy Salvage GroceriesLewisco Holdings, a privately owned liquidator, leads the market throughout the country. We have many years of experience, our own transportation network, and several warehouses spread throughout the nation. Our team buys and redistributes small and large quantities of goods with fairness, speed, and discretion as our priorities.

Lewisco Holdings’ Inventory Sources

Lewisco Holdings focuses on buying and redistributing canned, frozen, refrigerated, and dry goods; alcohol-free beverages; pet food and treats; and a plethora of products from general merchandise categories.

With our 3,000 strong network of makers, distributors, and retailers, we’re never at a loss for inventory, and we regularly purchase inventory that’s no longer well-suited to the primary market. Our products may include products that are near or past the expiration or best by dates, overstocked inventory, closeouts or markdowns, discontinued product lines, older versions of products with packaging or formulation updates, mis-labeled or off-spec products, canceled or turned down orders, seasonal, holiday, or promotional goods, or any other slow-selling product.

When we buy goods, we go to great lengths to protect the brand and the original company’s identity. Our integrity and discretion are one of the hallmarks of Lewisco Holdings that is a hallmark of our leadership in the industry. We sell to only vetted and trusted buyers within secondary markets.

Another part of our sales is the requirement of buyers to adhere to manufacturer guidelines related to geographic boundaries, advertising, display, and wholesaling. The original channel of customers and our customers can never be the same.

When sellers want to liquidate through Lewisco Holdings, they will just need to provide photos, the label/brand, a list of ingredients, the nutrition info, all dates on the exterior and interior of the package, the package size, the quantity of units per case, per pallet, per load, the location, and their preferred price. We generally provide an offer the same day.

Lewisco Holdings Buyers

If you’re interested in buying from Lewisco Holdings, you’ll need to submit to our vetting process and follow-through with adherence to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer. Our customers must be separate from primary customer channels, and they typically include small dollar stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, institutions of higher learning, farmers’ markets, community food pantries, prisons and jails, flea market vendors, etc.

We sell to hundreds of buyers all over the country. No matter the type of product, season, or quantity, your goods can find a second life in alternative markets.

Rather than running through inexperienced sources for liquidation, consider choosing experience and expertise. If liquidation isn’t the solution for you, we also provide proxy sales where we will arrange for sales and delivery while you retain possession and ownership of the goods, and we offer a turnkey auction service.

Our buyers can designate specific items they need, and we will provide a targeted search among our clients for their purchase.

For those wondering where to buy salvage groceries, the best answer is Lewisco Holdings. Call (917) 651-0101 whether you’d like to eliminate excess goods, buy from our inventory, or just learn more about liquidation.