Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in California

Lewisco Holdings, with substantial potential for liquidation purchases and sales, is where secondary market customers should buy salvage groceries in California and beyond. Let us incorporate profitability into your product channels by removing problematic merchandise from the first lines and confidently transferring them into secondary ones.

Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in CaliforniaMisunderstanding product dates and conditions leads to an enormous degree of unnecessary product waste. No dates are mandated except for those on baby food and formula, so the manufacturer assigns the dates you see, which are their best estimates of peak freshness. Rather than allowing these perfectly good items to be wasted, we buy them and send them into avenues for use.

Liquidation that we provide allows product sources to recoup as much of their investment as possible while giving liquidation buyers savings opportunities.

Lewisco Holdings Operations

The ultimate goal of our operations is to avoid waste. When we buy goods, we help our inventory sources regain purchase power, shelving space, and renewed profitability by removing non-viable goods.

The groceries and other products we make available through liquidation are available to our buyers at significantly reduced prices. Our customers are far removed from the original customer base and may include independent dollar stores, charities, nonprofits, and other alternative buyers.

If your plans include liquidation sales or purchases, Lewisco Holdings is the leader in the industry and will provide you with stellar service. We have thousands of contacts from whom we buy goods and hundreds of screened and trusted customers. Our experience is proven and lengthy, and we bring thirteen different warehouses and a dedicated carrier network to our processes.

So, what goods do we buy and sell? Our inventory includes food merchandise, alcohol-free refreshments, pet items, paper products, cleaning merchandise, HBA items, and other household closeouts.

Confidentiality Assured during Liquidation

Discretion is key when trusting a liquidation company to transfer your branded product into alternative markets. We realize the impact that exposure in less-than-ideal circumstances can have on your brand, so we vet all buyers, follow all manufacturer restrictions, and require that our buyers do as well.

The manufacturer guidelines that we enact include those against advertising, violations of prescribed geographic boundaries, display, and wholesale. We do not sell to primary market players to protect the original customer channels.

Instead, we sell to 400+ different accounts, all alternative customers. We target off-the-beaten-path buyers like schools and prisons, community food pantries, salvage grocery stores, nonprofits, farmers markets, flea market vendors, etc.

In addition to strict measures requiring following manufacturer restrictions, we also provide repackaging as Mabel’s Farms, our private label, when the brand proves challenging to conceal.

Our network of liquidation clients and customers is such that we can deal in a large volume of goods in a wide plethora of conditions – leftovers of product lines with outdated packaging or formulations, discontinued product lines, overstocked or overrun inventory items, close-dated or short-coded merchandise, closeouts, off-season items, and other slow-moving goods.

If you’re ready to buy salvage groceries in California and need to know where to go, click here or call (917) 651-0101 to contact the professional liquidations at Lewisco Holdings. We await the opportunity to maximize the product distribution of all sorts of inventory.