Where to Buy Liquidated Groceries in California

Looking for where to buy liquidated groceries in California? If you operate in the secondary markets, Lewisco Holdings is this source. We buy slow-moving groceries out of the hands of retailers and manufacturers, and then, we redistribute them into spaces where they can be used without tainting the brand. 

Where to Buy Liquidated Groceries in CaliforniaLewisco Holdings has a well-honed process of liquidation. We have a foothold throughout the continental United States, offering buying and selling services to the primary and secondary distribution channels, respectively.

The Lewisco Holdings Inventory of Goods

If you’re interested in buying liquidated goods, you’ll find a host of different products within our inventory. Specifically, we buy and resell all varieties of dry goods, canned foods, frozen and refrigerated items, alcohol-free beverages, HBA items, paper products, cleaning merchandise, and other household closeouts. From canned green beans to cereal, cookies, and toilet paper, we offer a wide range of products.

Choosing Lewisco Holdings for Liquidation

As liquidators, the professionals at Lewisco Holdings have much to offer whether you need to buy or sell liquidation-worthy goods.

Buyers gain access to top-tier, brand-name merchandise at prices lower than you’ll find elsewhere. 

Sellers gain a great deal as well when they choose Lewisco Holdings. We provide them with a way to increase capital, reduce costs, and gain space in order to return to profitability. In the process, we secure confidentiality by requiring that our customers follow all manufacturer restrictions.

These restrictions mean that buyers refrain from wholesales, display, advertisement, and violations of geographic boundaries. Mabel’s Farm, our private label, serves as a way to hide the original brand through repackaging services. We go to all lengths in order to protect our inventory sources.

When we buy goods, we bury them well within alternative markets, protecting the original customer channels from exposure to less than pristine merchandise. 

Lewisco Holdings has the financial and logistical ability to purchase and transfer excess inventory regardless of quantity.

When sellers need to liquidate goods and choose Lewisco Holdings, they find that we evaluate the products, make an offer, pay, and collect the goods quickly. With thirteen warehouses, deep purchase power, and our own dedicated carrier network, we can buy and transfer goods expediently. 

Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or trader; we are liquidators, offering world-class customer support.

When we buy products, we immediately begin to target sales to our trusted and vetted buyer group. These independent entities fall far removed from the original customer channels, and our inventory allows them to buy grocery, beverage, and household products for use and sale. 

The customers we generally sell to include mom-and-pop shops, community food pantries, prisons/jails, schools, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other nontraditional organizations. We DO NOT sell to restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, or wholesalers.

With an appropriately vetted and controlled customer network, Lewisco Holdings can move limitless quantities of product throughout the country even as we protect the brand and the original customer channels.

Additional services that we offer for our clients and customers include acting as a proxy salesforce, providing a turnkey auction network, and looking for specific products for customers.

If you’re searching for where to buy liquidated groceries in California, contact Lewisco Holdings – online by clicking here or via phone at (917) 210-9395. Feed the people with low-priced, high-quality, liquidated food and beverage merchandise.