Where To Buy Closeout Groceries?

The right place for secondary market customers to buy closeout groceries is where they’ll be treated well and provided quality goods at the lowest possible price points. Lewisco Holdings checks all these boxes and operates with a streamlined method of purchase and redistribution. 

Where To Buy Closeout Groceries?For liquidation to work successfully, it needs to be fast. We buy goods on their way to reaching or passing expiration dates or are no longer appropriate for first-line distribution channels. Once we take these goods out of spaces where they no longer belong, we can sell them to more appropriate customers. 

Our process allows the original retailer or manufacturer to recoup as much of the initial investment as possible, as quickly as possible. We use thirteen nationally distributed warehouses and a dedicated carrier service to deal with the goods in an expedited fashion, directing them into our trusted buyer group for use or resale.

In most instances, we provide an offer for purchase the same day that we receive the relevant product information. When offers are accepted, we pay right away and arrange to collect the goods the same day, or the next at the latest.

Liquidation allows you to remove troublesome goods confidentially and direct them into alternative channels. When products are held onto for too long, the effects can reach beyond a bit of dust and less room. The other merchandise around the products in less than ideal condition is negatively affected.

Lewisco Holdings’ Product Categories

We welcome a variety of goods within our inventory, including all of the following:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods
  • Alcohol-free beverages like bottled water, soda, and sports drinks
  • Pet food and treats, including canned, kibble, biscuit, jerky, and other styles
  • Household goods, including paper products, HBA merchandise, and cleaning implements and chemicals

What We Bring to Our Clients

When you have closeout goods to sell, come to Lewisco Holdings.

We work seamlessly and quickly with our own transportation network and trusted third-party warehouse facilities. The Lewisco Holdings team lets us professionally and quickly provide offers, payment, and pickup so that our clients gain renewed space and purchase power. 

The customer support that our team provides is a significant selling point. Each of our liquidation professionals knows how to handle each transaction appropriately. When we buy goods, the companies from whom we buy can count on us to protect the brand. We even have our own private label. Goods become Mabel’s Farms’ products to fully conceal the brand.

A portion of the investment and overhead costs can be recouped when you sell the goods to Lewisco Holdings. 

What We Bring to Our Customers

Lewisco Holdings’s customers fall into alternative buying channels. Some of the customers we typically sell to include community food banks, schools, correctional institutions, private grocers, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, and other secondary buyers. 

Our buyers can access high-quality merchandise at low prices. 

If you’re wondering where to go to buy or sell closeout groceries, wonder no more. Lewisco Holdings is the liquidation solution to remove unwanted goods from the first lines of distribution and direct them into secondary ones where they can be used or sold appropriately. Explore our process further by calling (917) 210-9395 or following this link to contact us online.