Where to Buy Pallets of Returned Merchandise

The demand for low-cost, quality inventory is high. Whether you operate an independent discount store or a community food bank or farmers market, Lewisco Holdings is where you can go to buy pallets of returned merchandise to widen your inventory variety.

We’re proud to take unwanted stock off the hands of manufacturers and first-line distributors, clearing jam-packed shelves and providing cash to purchase new inventory that will sell. Once we have ownership of the goods, we then sell the products at costs often substantially lower than wholesale.

Where to Buy Pallets of Returned MerchandiseIf you purchase pallets of inventory from Lewisco Holdings, it’s far different than purchasing pallets from wholesalers.

We purchase and redistribute a range of products including the following:

  • Grocery items (frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry goods)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (water, juice, soft drinks, and more)
  • Pet foods (treats, dry kibble, canned food)
  • Health and beauty items (toiletries and cosmetics)
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning goods

We can provide so many different products because we buy from so many different sources. Over 3,000 entities entrust us to purchase and bury their unwanted goods within the secondary market. Our redistribution efforts go to select buyers whom we vet. More than 400 independent institutions purchase goods from us – all with an understanding that the brand and customer channels must be respected.

The great range of products, numerous contacts, and unlimited quantities don’t place an undue demand on our logistical system. We have warehouses throughout the continental United States, the cash reserves on hand to pay fast, and the experience to make good decisions and match product to buyer.

When your business has overstocked inventory, closeouts, sluggish sales, off-season goods, aging products, older variations of recently updated goods, or discontinuations, pull the trigger on liquidation quickly. Don’t lose your whole investment by waiting too long. Goods that won’t sell are doing you no good hanging around indefinitely.

Once you choose to liquidate your goods with us, we provide fast pickup and payment, freeing you of the burden. Send us the label and brand, the ingredient and nutritional information, photos, every date from the package, the package size, the quantity of cases per pallet and pallets per load, the location, and the sought-after price.

After we know all of the relevant answers about your inventory to be liquidated, we can give you a fair offer for purchase. If we come to terms, we’ll pay right then and pick up the same or the next day. Since speed is of the essence, you can be sure we’ll act with haste.

Lewisco Holdings liquidates goods into the secondary market. We do not supply goods back into the primary market – no restaurants, convenience stores, or primary supermarkets lie within our buyer contact list. Our sellers have the expectation that their customer base will not be exposed to these products, and we honor that expectation.

We take pains to protect the customer channels and reputation of those from whom we purchase goods. Those who buy from us are restricted from advertising or taking goods outside of geographic limits. We even offer the Mabel’s Farms brand, a service of repackaging and branding for easily applied discretion.

Lewisco Holdings is where interested buyers should go to buy pallets of returned merchandise, and it’s where sellers of unwanted merchandise should go for liquidation. Either way, call (917) 651-0101 for more information on how to benefit from either end of liquidation services.