Where to Buy Pallets of Liquidated Groceries

Grocery liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, can’t simply accumulate product. They need buyers to balance the other side of the equation. Generally, our buyers are participants in the secondary marketplace, such as correctional institutions, schools, farmers markets, food banks, and deep-discount salvage markets. If you’re interested in where to buy pallets of liquidated groceries, look no further than right here with Lewisco Holdings.

Less Than Perfect Products Aren’t Useless Products

Where to Buy Pallets of Liquidated GroceriesThose in the market for liquidated groceries should be aware of conditions that place these goods in the secondary market. We embrace the opportunity to liquidate goods that meet the following criteria: closeouts, discontinuations, overstocks, short or close dated merchandise, products with older variations of packaging or ingredients, cancelled orders, slight damage, seasonal products, and other items that are selling sluggishly. These items are still usable and shouldn’t be disposed of without regard to waste or financial loss.

Dates on groceries are often arbitrary, and frozen food is good as long as it remains frozen. In a world with food instability, rampant waste can be prevented with liquidation.

Categories of Goods

Lewisco Holdings is happy to purchase a great many different categories of goods.

  • Cold, dry, canned, and frozen foods
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Pet food and treats
  • Paper products
  • Health and beauty merchandise
  • Cleaning products

We have such a wide range of goods that we likely have what you need, and we offer to look for specific goods on the behalf of buyers upon request.

The Distinction between Buyers and Sellers of Excess Inventory

Lewisco Holdings draws a sharp line between who we buy from and who we sell to. We purchase from over 3,600 manufacturers, distributors, importers, and exporters, and we sell to over 400 separate participants in the secondary market.

When we introduce goods into the secondary marketplace, we require that those who purchase from us do not advertise or reintroduce products into the primary line of distribution. Sellers can be confident that their goods will not wind up in convenience stores, restaurants, or primary supermarkets. We protect our clients’ brand and respect manufacturer restrictions.

This level of strict discretion requires that we vet our buyers. The extent of our trusted network of buyers and sellers is just another reason to choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation services. It’s taken years of expertly applied liquidation and dedication to customer satisfaction to compile our rolodex of contacts.

Other reasons to choose Lewisco Holdings are many. Sellers will have freely moving cash flow and clear shelves. They’ll be able to replace the problematic merchandise with newly purchased inventory. Pickup will be the same day or the next, and we offer free shipping to buyers within the continental US.

Sellers can also trust that we will conceal their goods so far within the secondary market that their brand and reputation will be thoroughly protected. We even provide a private label (Mabel’s Farm) for repackaging and branding to make the concealment complete.

If you’re looking to stretch your organization’s budget or pass along significant savings to customers and want to know where to buy pallets of liquidated groceries, the answer to all queries is Lewisco Holdings. We waste no time evaluating inventory, offering price, picking up, and transitioning goods into the secondary market. To arrange for sale or purchase of excess inventory, call us at (917) 651-0101 to schedule a pickup or a delivery.