Unlock Value in Selling Food and Beverage Stock

Do you feel stuck with unwanted inventory? Lewisco Holdings will help you unlock the value in your food and beverage stock by selling it through liquidation. Our services help clients reopen purchase channels and make room for investment in new inventory.

Unlock Value in Selling Food and Beverage StockLewisco Holdings leads the liquidation sector. We have a long history of success, providing satisfactory service to hundreds of buyers and thousands of sellers of liquidation-worthy merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings offers steeply discounted brand-name merchandise to our carefully vetted buyers. We gain this inventory by buying it outright from thousands of first-line players, including producers, distributors, and retailers. We have established relationships with some of the foremost international brands and a dedicated network of non-traditional customers. Lewisco Holdings liquidates a swathe of merchandise throughout the country.

We operate quickly, as is appropriate for liquidation. In addition to food and grocery items, we liquidate pet products, paper goods, cleaning merchandise, and health and beauty aids. If you’re interested in liquidation but unsure whether we’ll buy your goods, reach out to check. Our liquidation professionals are always happy to help.

Companies that choose liquidation must be confident in the provider they choose. When sent into liquidation, the brand’s identity and reputation are vulnerable. Lewisco Holdings offers secure liquidation through methods designed to protect the brand through careful vetting, regulations prescribed by the manufacturer, and repackaging as our brand, Mabel’s Farms. When you choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation, you needn’t stress about how the products will be handled or the influence on your customer base.

Our buyers undergo a rigorous screening process. Every buyer must be removed from the primary markets and willing to adhere to all rules governing where and how the goods can be sold. The customer base that frequents restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores can be a different liquidation target. We sell to salvage grocery stores, prisons, educational facilities, food pantries, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, and other alternative buyers.

Our timeliness, professionalism, and targeted approach benefit Lewisco Holdings’ clients and customers. We can transfer a large volume of products into secondary markets.

The condition of liquidation-appropriate merchandise varies, but one common standard is that it’s no longer pristine for one reason or another. Goods may be part of a discontinued product line, overstocked, close- or near-dated, leftover from a recently updated product, closeout, seasonal, promotional, or otherwise slow to move when suitable for liquidation. The condition may range from a bit dusty to slightly damaged or expired. Lewisco Holdings pledges honesty when dealing with our customers.

With thirteen warehouses spread throughout the United States and a dedicated carrier network, Lewisco Holdings makes liquidation processes look easy. Once we make an offer and it’s accepted, we pay immediately and collect our purchase that day or the one that follows.

We offer outright purchase and resale, proxy sales, and access to the auction market.

When food and beverage stock doesn’t move, Lewisco Holdings can unlock its value by selling it through liquidation channels in alternative markets nationwide. If you are interested, click here or call (917) 210-9395 to speak with the liquidation experts at the nation’s leading liquidator, Lewisco Holdings.