Surplus Stock Liquidators

As a specialist among surplus stock liquidators, Lewisco Holdings leads the way in liquidating goods within the contiguous US. First line distributors who discover their products are becoming stagnant should allow us to assist them with recovering funds they can use for updating their merchandise inventory.

Surplus Stock LiquidatorsAs a provider of liquidation services for many years, we’ve established the protocols and relationships necessary for dealing discreetly and quickly with liquidation. Our reputation speaks to our ability to move quickly. We can handle burying your excess inventory, regardless of your location or the quantity of the merchandise in question.

Buyers and sellers of surplus goods can count on us to deal in all manner of merchandise. Come to us when you need to liquidate frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable food goods; non-alcoholic beverages of all types; wet and dry pet food and treats; health and beauty products; paper products; and cleaning products. If your organization uses these types of goods, you can also look into becoming a buyer of our goods.

The network of sellers from whom we purchase is over 3,000 strong. We purchase an array of products from these sellers and then sell them to over 400 separate buyers within the secondary market. However, Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or trader. Our focus is on purchasing goods outright from the primary market and extending deeply discounted prices for these goods into the secondary marketplace.

Slow-moving merchandise does not belong in the dumpster. Lewisco Holdings is the answer. Our specialty extends to the following categories of goods:

  • Overstocked products
  • Older versions of packages with updated packaging or formulations
  • Merchandise nearing the “best by” or expiration dates
  • Closeout merchandise
  • Aging seasonal inventory
  • Discontinued product lines

When you have products that are ripe for liquidation, don’t procrastinate. Should the merchandise become fully unusable, your entire investment will be lost.

Reach out and provide the following info to receive a fast offer: the label and brand, ingredients, nutritional facts, photos, every date from the package’s interior and exterior, the package size, the quantity of goods within the case, pallet, and load, the location, and the desired price range for your goods.

Lewisco Holdings will send over an offer as soon as possible once we have this information. Often, the offer will be sent the same day. If you like what we offer and choose to accept, we will send payment immediately and arrange for pickup that day or the next. We have a number of storage facilities and a large transportation network to make quick work of your unwanted goods.

Once your goods become ours, we’ll bury them in the secondary market. You don’t have to worry that your customers will see your products in less than ideal environments. We don’t sell to primary marketplace members like grocery stores, restaurants, or convenience stores. Rather, we vet our buyers to make sure that they will protect your brand.

Our buyers include salvage stores that don’t advertise, private grocers, food banks, correctional and educational facilities, and farmers markets. The low prices that we can provide allow our buyers to make the most of limited budgets or maximize profits.

Liquidators of surplus stock, like Lewisco Holdings, helps first line distributors unclog their shelves and their cash flow. Reach out to (917) 651-0101 to get us on the job!