Surplus Stock Buyers

Primary distributors, wholesalers, and other first-line marketplace members often have to liquidate surplus stock to unclog shelves and free up financial resources. This liquidation process allows buyers to reap the benefit of deep discounts. Lewisco Holdings is proud to provide assistance with both ends of the liquidation process.

Lewisco Holdings provides buyers with access to deeply discounted products that will help them become known for bargains, but they can’t advertise the products and must recognize and respect brand and label confidentiality.

Surplus Stock BuyersOur buyers include salvage stores that don’t advertise, small grocery retailers, and community, educational, and correctional institutions that want to maximize their limited budgets.

The types of merchandise buyers can find for sale with Lewisco Holdings ranges from groceries to non-alcoholic refreshments, bulk candy and spices, pet food and treats, and general merchandise.

As a buyer, you can inject new life into dying products. Items that are nearing expiration dates, past expiration, or off-season can be perfect for retailers, charities, and organizations in secondary distribution lines.

Purchases made from Lewisco Holdings are not limited to one area unless geographic restrictions on sales are applied. When we purchase goods, we pick up that day or the next, and our wide range of distribution facilitates fast delivery to buyers as well.

If you become a buyer of Lewisco Holdings, you can expect professional assistance throughout the process. Our customer service staff can answer any questions you have to make sure that what we provide meets your needs well.

For the protection of our clients, we require buyers to pass arduous screening methods. We buy from more than 3,600 different clients, but we sell to about 400. Trust is a key requirement for liquidation because major manufacturers need to know that their brand and its reputation will be protected.

At Lewisco Holdings, we strive to limit waste while helping distributors make more storage room and enhance their purchase ability. We provide deep discounts to our buyers along with quality goods. A company should never assume that their products are unsaleable when sales slow; another business may find them to be perfect. We can match the two.

The buyer group we service will find us to be useful when they need particular types of goods. We can search within our network and match your need to a discounted product. For salvage grocers or others interested, we can introduce and facilitate the auction process as well.

Surplus stock may be a headache for manufacturers or distributors, but for buyers it’s a blessing. Lewisco Holdings will take care of the logistics to help buyers stretch their budgets or make the most profits possible. If you’re interested in buying from or selling to us, call (917) 651-0101 at your earliest convenience.