Surplus Inventory Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings offers surplus inventory liquidation all over the country. As first-line manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors become overloaded with excess merchandise, we can help them get as much of their money back as possible and simultaneously empty their shelves of unwanted merchandise. Our service is highly beneficial for these companies and for members of the secondary marketplace.

We are liquidation experts. Our vast experience and contact network allow us to perform quickly and discreetly. Whether you have one pallet or an entire truckload of products, Lewisco Holdings can take it off your hands and give you a fair price for it. We’re well known for performing honestly in the liquidation arena.

Surplus Inventory LiquidationMany product categories find liquidation solutions with Lewisco Holdings. We deal in groceries of all types including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods. We also welcome non-alcoholic beverages like bottled water, juices, and carbonated sodas. Pet food, health and beauty aids, paper products, and cleaning materials can all be liquidated through our methods.

The client network that Lewisco Holdings services consists of more than 3,000 different entities, and our buyer group consists of over 400 members of the secondary market. Our expertise in transferring merchandise from the primary to the secondary market allows us to purchase and re-sell surplus goods without inconvenience.

Give Your Unwanted Goods New Life

Products that primary distributors are unable to move can find new life through Lewisco Holdings. Within the secondary market, surplus inventory will thrive, particularly at the deeply discounted prices we can provide.

The following conditions are welcomed by us here at Lewisco Holdings: overstocked goods, older variations of products with newer packaging or formulations, items nearing suggested purchase or expiration dates, closeout goods, out of season products, discontinued product lines, or other slow-moving inventory.

When selling to Lewisco Holdings, you’ll receive fast and fair payment. Sellers will find our process to be effortless. All we require is to provide photographs of the products, the label or brand, an ingredient list, the nutritional facts, every date from the package, the package size, the number of items in each case, the number of cases on the pallet, the number of pallets in each load, the location of pick up, and the desired price for the goods in question.

A fast offer will follow your request. You’ll then need to accept or reject the offer. If you accept it, we can make arrangements for immediate payment and pickup on the same day or the next. We have several warehouses across the country that allow us to make quick work of aging salvage goods.

We do not sell to primary marketplace members like restaurants and primary supermarkets. We do not sell to the customers of our clients. Your brand and base of customers won’t be at risk. When our clients restrict where their products can be sold and how heavily they can be advertised, we make sure that those limitations are followed. We do this by screening and monitoring our buyers.

Our buyers include salvage stores, small retailers, food banks, correctional and educational facilities, and farmers markets. These secondary lines of distribution are the perfect recipient of surplus goods and deep discounts.

Surplus inventory liquidation, available from Lewisco Holdings, assists companies by removing unwanted goods to the secondary market. Whether you want to sell or buy salvage goods, call (917) 651-0101 for more info on how we can help.