Surplus Food Inventory Buyers

When products fail to meet sales expectations, is the loss of the investment the only possible result? Surplus food inventory buyers, like Lewisco Holdings, will buy and liquidate those goods. We offer the highest recovery you’ll see along with returned display and storage spaces.

A leader in the liquidation industry, Lewisco Holdings, has a wide network of contacts and an efficient liquidation logistics system including several warehouses and a dedicated carrier network that facilitates the purchase and sale of goods across the country.

Our team knows how the process works and will provide you with an offer when you’re looking to liquidate quickly, often the same day.

Surplus Food Inventory BuyersWhen you’d like to take advantage of opportunity purchases as a secondary market member, we can source products for you quickly and fairly as well.

The secret to success as a liquidator is relationship building. Operating fairly and confidentially has allowed us to build and strengthen bonds with our clients. We purchase liquidation goods from over 3,000 wholesalers, retailers, and other first-line distributors. Some of the largest brands in the country come to us for liquidation solutions, and we’re happy to oblige.

Our clients schedule recurring sales of liquidated goods, or they give us a call for one-time sales as needed. Conditions that call for liquidation include close-dated inventory, discontinued product lines, outdated variations of items with newer packaging or recipes, closeouts and markdowns, overstocks, mis-labeled products, out of season or holiday products, cancelled orders and turned down loads, and products with disappointing sales.

These clients return to us because they trust us to protect the reputation of the originating brand. All manufacturer restrictions are followed as we redistribute the goods we buy to targeted and vetted buyers. Additionally, we offer repackaging solutions under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Buyers who purchase from Lewisco Holdings are part of the secondary distribution market. We’re careful about the entities we accept as buyers because of the discretion required with liquidation sales. Our buyers include small retailers, deep-discount grocers, schools, farmers markets, food pantries, and correctional institutions. With a wide group of buyers, we’re able to target goods to the perfect buyer and make short work of the sale regardless of the location, quantity of goods, or time of year. A purchase from Lewisco Holdings provides quality goods at rock bottom prices, but our buyers must follow guidelines regarding display, advertising, and geography.

Become a Buyer

If you’re ready to buy from us, contact us and submit to our verification processes. During this process, we’ll take down the categories of goods that interest you, and when they become available, we’ll reach out. It’s that simple.

Make Liquidation Happen

To begin liquidation through Lewisco Holdings, you’ll need to supply specific information:

  • Photos
  • Label/Brand
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition info
  • Dates on the interior and exterior of the packaging
  • Package size
  • Number of units per case
  • Number of cases per pallet
  • Number of pallets per load
  • Desired price
  • location

With this information, our team will be able to estimate a value for the goods and send an offer. This process can usually be completed the same day, and if the offer is accepted, we’ll arrange for pick up that day or the next and send payment immediately.

Surplus food inventory buyers are ready to provide you with an avenue of rescue when you’ve over-purchased a slower moving product. Lewisco Holdings will remedy the disruption to your cash and sales flow. Call us at (917) 210-9395 to begin liquidation or to take advantage of the savings made possible by it.