Surplus Food Buyers

Surplus food buyers in America turn to Lewisco Holdings to source purchases. We offer a range of goods within our inventory to meet a broad host of needs including grocery, beverage, pet, and household goods, so buyers can expand a limited profit margin, build a strong customer base, or do more with a finite budget.

Surplus Food BuyersThe foremost liquidator in the US, Lewisco Holdings has the experience and network of logistics required to perform liquidation well. With thousands of sellers and hundreds of vetted, proven buyers; twelve warehouses spread across the Lower 48; and a dedicated carrier network, Lewisco Holdings can move all amounts of goods.

Lewisco Holdings’ Inventory Sources

First-line market members across the country count on Lewisco Holdings to buy problematic merchandise when the goods are no longer suitable for placement in primary markets.

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food items
  • Dry and wet pet food and treats
  • Paper goods
  • Cleaning tools and chemicals
  • HBA items
  • Other household goods

We purchase products that are close-dated, discontinued, overstocked, or otherwise disappointing in sales figures.

Lewisco Holdings’ Inventory Receivers

The protection of primary sales channels is the ultimate concern of liquidation for Lewisco Holdings. If we fail to protect the brand reputation and original customers, we will be unable to secure loyal customers. When we sell our inventory, we require adherence to manufacturer restrictions. Our buyers do not advertise, sell products on a wholesale basis, display products, or distribute goods outside of the prescribed geographic boundaries as determined by the originating company.

This group of buyers, over 400 strong, operates independently or as an organization without first-line connections. We sell to private dollar stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, mom-and-pop grocery stores, community food banks, correctional institutions, schools, flea market vendors, and other secondary marketers.

When we buy goods, they will never be in the future be seen or sold in supermarkets or convenience stores or prepared in restaurants. We are neither food brokers nor traders. We are food liquidators.

Lewisco Holdings doesn’t send products back into the regular market. We also do not accept buyers who aren’t accepting of the rules of liquidation. In fact, we offer Mabel’s Farms, our private label, used for repackaging services for full brand concealment.

The group of targeted buyers that we sell to is diverse and large. We’re able to buy and redistribute an array of products. Call us for liquidation of small and large volumes of goods in all categories during all seasons of the year. To request an offer, send us relevant product information, and we will answer with a fast and fair offer. We require photos, dates, the label or brand ID, ingredients, nutrition info, package size, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price. Our process is streamlined and effortless.

If liquidation isn’t the right solution for you, consider our other services. We provide turnkey access to the auction world as well as service as a proxy sales force while you retain ownership and possession of the merchandise.

Once you’ve received an offer, you’ll be free to accept it or reject it. If you accept, we will pay immediately and collect our purchase that same day or the next. Our logistical network allows us to handle inventory strategically and quickly.