Successful Selling of Excess Food Inventory

When you need to sell excess food inventory successfully, count on Lewisco Holdings. We have many buyers, ranging from community food pantries to salvage grocery stores, schools, prisons, and more. These buyers protect the originating inventory source’s identity, reputation, and customers in exchange for purchasing quality products at deeply discounted prices.

Successful Selling of Excess Food InventoryWhether inventory is nearing expiration, leftover from a previous promotion, or slow to sell, call Lewisco Holdings to purchase the merchandise and redistribute it into appropriate avenues. Our inventory sources can secure some of what they’ve spent and reinvest in products that will have a better return.

Liquidation isn’t for products with no issues or defects. Liquidation is for products that are still useful but have a flaw, even if it’s just disappointing sales figures. Other situations that merit liquidation include grocery items that are near or past best-by or expiration dates, slightly damaged merchandise, older versions of a product with a new formulation or packaging, out-of-season goods, closeouts, canceled orders, overstocks, turned-down loads, etc.

As a buyer, if your concern is over the condition of the goods, you can be sure that we will deal honestly. Remember that most dates are arbitrary, and groceries can be identified as safe or unsafe based on common-sense observations and standards. Consider the fact that our routine customer base includes all of the following entities:

  • Salvage grocery stores
  • Mom-and-pop shops
  • Correctional institutions
  • Schools
  • Community food pantries
  • Flea market vendors
  • Farmers markets.

We buy and sell an extensive catalog of products as well:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food and grocery items
  • Alcohol-free and shelf-stable beverages
  • Pet food and treats
  • Health and beauty aids
  • Paper merchandise
  • Cleaning goods
  • Other household closeouts.

Lewisco Holdings benefits both our inventory sources and our customers. We’re seasoned, with established best practices and a significant capacity for transporting and distributing goods. We have thirteen distribution warehouses, a dedicated carrier network, and proven liquidation professionals on staff. Whether buying or selling, we operate fast, with discretion and strategic moves. Lewisco Holdings makes outright purchases; we do not broker or trade.

When we remove merchandise from the original channels, the process facilitates reinvestment and mitigates losses while providing protection. As we liquidate goods, we can provide repackaging as Mabel’s Farms, our private brand, to ensure discretion.

Additionally, we require all our buyers to adhere to manufacturer restrictions prohibiting advertising, display, wholesaling, and extending beyond geographic boundaries.

The volume, location, and time of year do not affect the potential for liquidation through Lewisco Holdings. Provide us with the following information to receive a fast offer:

  • Photographs
  • Product info
  • Location
  • Preferred price.

Beyond liquidation, Lewisco Holdings also offers proxy sales service and a connection to the auction arena. If you want to maximize your return, speak to our team about the best option for your situation.

For buyers who have been vetted and proven trustworthy, we can also scour our sources for specific products.

Excess food inventory can be successfully liquidated through Lewisco Holdings when selling figures fail to perform appropriately. To explore our processes further, click here or call (917) 210-9395.