Sell Your Surplus Snack Food Inventory

Are your shelves burdened with surplus snack food inventory that you just can’t sell? If so, call Lewisco Holdings to handle the problem efficiently. Our experience has led to straightforward and swift processes with no sacrifice of quality.

Sell Your Surplus Snack Food InventoryLewisco Holdings’ reputation for fair, fast liquidation has not come easily. We work hard to provide the best service for our clients and buyers. Positive interactions and satisfying outcomes have engendered an established network with over 3,000 accounts from which we buy liquidation goods and over 400 screened customers to whom we redistribute goods.

Product liquidation is what we do. Whether you need to clean massive amounts of inventory from your storehouse or a few this and that items, we can handle it all. By using a dedicated carrier fleet and maintaining several warehouses throughout the country, we can please our clients and buyers alike.

Begin liquidation by letting the team here at Lewisco Holdings know what you have to sell. Once we have the necessary information, we can make an offer, and you’ll have the opportunity to accept. With terms established, payment will arrive immediately, and we will arrive to collect our purchase that same day or the next day at the latest. Wasted time is wasted liquidated merchandise in our world.

The trigger for liquidation generally revolves around failure of merchandise to move at a reasonable pace that ensures profitability. The reasons for slow sales might vary widely, but when goods are no longer appropriate for primary markets, the time for alternative measures has come. We help mitigate losses and save worthy merchandise from the landfill.

Benefit from the Opportunity to Buy Deep-Discounted Liquidated Snacks and Other Items

The inventory of Lewisco Holdings includes a plethora of cold and shelf-stable foods, non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and general merchandise products.

Snack products are an item that we welcome into our inventory. From chips and cookies to beef jerky sticks, dried fruit, and any other shelf-stable or cold snack, Lewisco Holdings can find it a new life within the secondary market. We allow schools and private or governmental organizations to benefit from deeply discounted prices for name-brand products. To join our buyer ranks, call Lewisco Holdings, submit to our vetting process, commit to following manufacturer restrictions, and relate the sort of goods you’re looking to buy.

Lewisco Holdings doesn’t sell to members of the primary market. Restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores do not have a place on our buyer list.

Part of the commitment professional liquidators make is to avoid attempting to sell to the original customer channels. Some examples of the typical opportunity buyer within our network include private dollar stores, small independently owned retailers, salvage discount grocery stores, educational institutions, correctional facilities, food banks, flea market vendors, exporters, etc.

Expected as part of liquidation is brand confidentiality. We conceal goods well within the secondary market with opportunity buyers who commit to refrain from display, advertising, and selling outside of geographic bounds. In return for this commitment, buyers gain low priced, high quality goods that allow organizations to do more with small budgets and for small private stores to extend their profit margins while extending savings to customers.

If you want to sell your surplus snack food inventory or become a buyer, contact Lewisco Holdings online or by calling (917) 210-9395 to speak with us via telephone.