Sell Your Surplus Shelf Stable Food Inventory

Surplus shelf stable food inventory can drag down the profitability of your business, but you can sell these goods to Lewisco Holdings and regain the cash reserves and shelving space to return to profitability.

Sell Your Surplus Shelf Stable Food InventoryLewisco Holdings leads the liquidation market, buying and redistributing products that have ceased to be welcome in primary markets for one reason or another. We have a host of buyers outside of original customer channels into which we can direct these goods rather than see them wasted.

Our experience guides our practices, making it possible to estimate the value of goods quickly and accurately. We then pay and collect the products with all due haste.

Knowing when liquidation is appropriate doesn’t have to be difficult. We buy and redistribute products in the following conditions:

  • Overstocked products
  • Almost expired or near the best by dates
  • Marked down or closeout goods
  • Discontinued lines of products
  • Out of season or past holiday merch
  • Products with outdated formulations or packaging
  • Cancellations or turndown loads
  • All slow-moving merchandise

Shelf-stable food goods are prime for liquidation because they remain in quality condition as long as they aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. Our buyers benefit from the use of these products at low, low prices.

The Lewisco Holdings catalog of goods is wide and varied. In addition to shelf-stable merchandise like bottled sauces, canned foods, pasta, rice, etc., we also turn around refrigerated, frozen, and fresh grocery items, shelf-stable beverages, and general household goods.

The Redistribution Secret

Without buyers, liquidation doesn’t work. Lewisco Holdings has developed a set of buyers to whom we selectively redistribute the goods that we buy. These 400 separate contacts are separate and apart from the primary market, and we also have connections to the auction arena.

Are you a potential buyer in the liquidation market? If you aren’t a large supermarket, restaurant, or convenience store, you could be. We regularly sell to small mom-and-pop retail spaces, community food pantries, prisons and jails, schools, privately owned dollar stores, deeply discounted salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, etc.

Buying liquidated goods isn’t a license to advertise deep savings! We require that brands and their reputations and labels be respected and all manufacturer restrictions followed. Brands can’t be advertised, displayed, or sold outside of geographic limits.

Your Choice of Liquidator Matters

Plenty of liquidators work in the redistribution arena, but Lewisco Holdings outperforms them all. A key point of liquidation is speed. Recognizing that liquidation goods need a quick turnaround process, our best practices center around speed, fairness, and discretion.

Another key to liquidation is fairness. You deserve a fair price for your goods, and knowing that you’ll get it from Lewisco Holdings drives first-line marketers to us time after time.

The security of protection for your brand is yet another reason to choose Lewisco Holdings. We take the pledge of brand protection seriously and will not sell goods to buyers who fail to view the responsibility as stringently as we do.

Liquidation is a critical element of production and sales. Without being able to sell surplus shelf stable food inventory to liquidators like Lewisco Holdings, businesses would either toss usable goods for a complete loss or hold onto goods that are in less-than-ideal condition and negatively impact the remainder of their inventory. Call (917) 651-0101 to escape both outcomes.