Sell Your Surplus Pet Food Inventory

If you’re in the market for a way to sell your surplus pet food inventory, look no further than Lewisco Holdings. We have the processes that allow you to be free from the burden of slow-moving merchandise without any additional expense on your part. Get your sales and cash flows moving again with our discreet assistance.

Sell Your Surplus Pet Food InventoryLewisco Holdings is a leader in the world of liquidation. We buy goods and redistribute them confidentially into avenues more appropriate for their condition. The cash reserves we have, along with our logistic capacity, allow us to handle goods no matter the quantity, season, or location. Reach out to the customer service staff for more information.

Our inventory turnover rate is fast. We have warehouses across the country and a dedicated carrier fleet to transport goods, and our buyer group is large enough to target goods specifically to interested parties as soon as they enter our inventory. Other liquidators leave you on the hook while they sell your goods. Not us, we’ll provide an offer for outright purchase, and you’ll be off the hook entirely.

We do provide an alternative option where you retain possession and ownership while we act as a sales force, as well as a turnkey auction solution.

Many of the largest brands in the country come to Lewisco Holdings for liquidation. We buy goods from over 3,000 separate manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and first-line distributors. Our measures allow these primary marketers to recoup some of their investment while clearing shelves and storage spaces. Once in our inventory, we can then provide substantial discounts for quality goods.

Knowing if products are meant for liquidation isn’t always clear, but putting off liquidation can negatively affect your bottom line. If products are near their best by or expiration dates, part of a discontinued line, cancelled or turned down orders, outdated versions of products with recent updates, failing to reach sales projections, marked as closeout, mis-labeled or off-spec, leftover after promotion ends, or simply slow to sell, liquidation is appropriate.

Protecting the original brand is a key factor of liquidation. We make sure that our buyer group avoids advertisements, display, wholesale sales, or extending beyond geographic bounds. Mabel’s Farms, our private label, protects from unintended display of the original brand when necessary.

Lewisco Holdings prioritizes customer satisfaction, so we make sure all expectations are met. When we make sales, we stand behind them, making sure that our buyers understand the liquidated condition of their purchases. The customer service we provide is outstanding, and our buyers are always satisfied upon completion of the transaction.

The buyer group of Lewisco Holdings is far separate from primary customer channels. Our processes ensure that the consumer at the end of the distribution chain was never the originally intended customer. We do not make sales to supermarket chains, convenience stores, or restaurants. Our customers are off the beaten path. We sell to small dollar stores, salvage groceries, food banks, flea market vendors, schools, prisons, and other alternative sales channels.

The liquidation of pet food inventory helps maximize the budget of animal rescues and shelters while providing a special feature for the loyal customers of small retailers.

We invite you to sell your surplus pet food inventory to Lewisco Holdings. Call us at (917) 210-9395 or navigate to our website to begin the process of selling or buying liquidation worthy products.