Sell Your Surplus Grocery Inventory

Grocery inventory is particularly susceptible to environmental degradation when it becomes difficult to sell your surplus goods. Sitting around on shelves too long isn’t good for any merchandise, but it’s especially bad for food. Lewisco Holdings removes these goods from your shelves and conceals them within secondary markets where they can still be useful.

Introducing Lewisco Holdings

Sell Your Surplus Grocery InventoryLewisco Holdings is a privately owned and operated leader in the liquidation world. We work by buying merchandise from our 3,000 distinct clients and redistributing them into secondary markets. We have 400 vetted buyers whom we target goods to when they come into our inventory. Throughout our process, we prioritize fairness, speed, and confidentiality.

Our buyer group is kept completely removed from the primary market. The typical Lewisco Holdings’ buyer is off the beaten track. Examples include mom-and-pop retailers, private dollar stores, community food banks, prisons/jails, schools, exporters, flea market vendors, salvage groceries, and farmers’ markets. To buy from us, buyers must follow guidelines regarding liquidated goods including restrictions against advertising, display, wholesale activities, and geographic limitations. Our private label, Mabel’s Farms, serves to provide confidentiality when packaging makes brand concealment difficult.

Products within the Lewisco Holdings catalog are useful for a variety of entities. Here, you’ll find shelf-stable, canned, frozen, refrigerated, and bulk food and grocery items; water, soda, juice, fruit-flavored drinks, and other shelf-stable, alcohol-free beverages; dog and cat food and treats of all types; shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorants, and other HBA items; household supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, and paper plates; and cleaning implements and tools. Buyers and sellers of liquidated products should feel free to check in and see if we deal in a particular category of goods if it isn’t listed.

When we buy and resell goods, they’re not in pristine condition. Situations that merit liquidation vary and include the following:

  • Closeout and markdowns
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Slow-moving products
  • Discontinued products
  • Items close to the best by or expiration dates
  • Outdated products with recent updates to packaging or recipes
  • Mis-labeled products
  • Outdated seasonal or holiday promotions
  • Many more

Professional Liquidation at Lewisco Holdings

Perfection when predicting sales outcomes is impossible. Some amount of leftover product is inevitable and should be figured into the profit and losses of each investment prediction. Managing that inventory by liquidating leftover goods is essential, and Lewisco Holdings provides an exceptional source of liquidation.

Putting off liquidation when you’re aware of its need is never good. Your display is negatively affected, and storage areas are full so that you can’t purchase new goods. You continue to accrue overhead expenses as well, even as your cash flow is tied up in goods that won’t sell. Cut your losses early to get a higher return, sending them into our inventory where we’ll handle the concealment of the goods quickly.

Our experience has thoroughly prepared us to provide you with dedicated and professional service. High return and deep discounts for our sellers and buyers, respectively, are key to our process.

Here’s what to expect when dealing with Lewisco Holdings:

  • Fast decisions, offers, and product transfers regardless of volume, location, or season
  • Service throughout the Lower 48
  • Quick service for liquidation purchasing
  • Convenient, easy processes
  • Prompt payment and same or next day product transfer

Are you struggling to sell your surplus grocery inventory? If so, call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 210-9395. We’ll make a fair offer, pay immediately, and discreetly bury these goods into alternative sales channels.