Sell Your Surplus Frozen Food Inventory

When attempts to sell your surplus frozen food inventory fail, turn to Lewisco Holdings. We help companies clear unwanted goods from their shelves, buying them for redistribution into more appropriate markets. Frozen food products work well for liquidation since they last for a substantial period and can be used versatilely.

Sell Your Surplus Frozen Food InventoryLewisco Holdings’ ultimate goal is to help both ends of distribution. When manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and other primary marketers need to dispose of unwanted goods, they call us rather than for dumpsters. We proceed to redistribute those products well within secondary markets, helping small private businesses build clientele and expand their profit margins in addition to helping organizations do more with minimal budgets.

Build Profits and Establish Customer Loyalty

Small mom-and-pop stores, private dollar stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, and other independent retail spaces grow their profit bases by taking advantage of the opportunity buys we offer. By spending the least amount possible on the high-quality goods we sell, you stand to make more and help your customers save more. That’s what grows a customer base – providing your loyal customers with regular, consistent savings on quality goods.

In return, those who buy from us must avoid significant displays, advertising, wholesaling of our goods, and sales outside of our geographic boundaries.

The type of buyers we generally sell to include these retailers as well as other organizations and vendors. Examples include schools, correctional facilities, community food pantries, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, etc.

Becoming part of our buying group is simple. Those who are willing to submit to the requirements of buying liquidated goods can give us a call and after a screening process, we’ll call when items of interest join our inventory.

Lewisco Holdings’ Catalog

  • Frozen Foods (Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Seafood, Entrees, Appetizers, Convenience Foods, etc.)
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages (Bottled Water, Juice, Fruit-Flavored Drinks, etc.)
  • Bulk Items (Candy, Staples, Spices, etc.)
  • Refrigerated Food (Milk, Cheese, Eggs, etc.)
  • Canned Food Goods (Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, etc.)
  • Shelf-Stable Dry Foods (Pasta, Chips, Crackers, Cookies, Rice, etc.)
  • Pet Items (Canned, Kibble, Biscuit, and Jerky Style Food and Treats)
  • Paper Products (Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Plastic Cutlery, etc.)
  • Cleaning Products (Implements and Chemicals)
  • Health and Beauty Aids (Toiletries, Hair Stylers, Deodorants, etc.)
  • Much More…

Buying and Selling Liquidation Goods

Dates on packaging aren’t hard and fast rules; they’re guidelines. Food thrown away just because a date on the package has passed is food wasted. In a world filled with hunger, don’t throw away edible groceries; call Lewisco Holdings.

Our process for buying or selling liquidation goods is simple. We pay promptly, and we transport goods quickly with thirteen warehouses spread across the continental US and a dedicated carrier network.

Liquidation Experts with Great Customer Service

Our professionalism is apparent in our performance from one day to the next. We treat our clients and customers with courtesy and informed guidance throughout every transaction. Feel comfortable calling us with any questions about our process or inventory. We have a broad network of 400 buyers and 3,000 sellers to ensure that our menu is comprehensive and full and that turnover is fast.

Lewisco Holdings is here when you have trouble with surplus frozen food stuck in your inventory. We’re also here to provide opportunity buyers with quality goods at a great discount. Reach out by dialing (917) 651-0101 to learn more.