Sell Your Surplus Food Inventory

When you need to deal with surplus food inventory, don’t deal with middlemen or small-time liquidators, sell it to Lewisco Holdings. We have the best practices and capital to deal straight and fast; let us help your business today.

Sell Your Surplus Food InventoryIn the liquidation arena, no one does business with the efficiency and fairness of Lewisco Holdings. We’re a top-notch company with established processes, nationwide warehouses, a dedicated carrier network, plenty of capital, over 3,000 liquidation accounts, and 400 vetted buyers for targeted sales. Many of the nation’s top brands depend on us for discreet liquidation of problematic products.

The ability to liquidate large quantities of products is not an issue for Lewisco Holdings. Our cash reserves and logistical network make it possible for us to purchase your overstocked merchandise, short-coded goods, cancelled orders, seasonal and promotional items, and any other slow-moving products.

When you’ve decided to liquidate, provide us with the appropriate info, and we’ll estimate the value and send an offer quickly, usually the same day. If you accept, we pay right then and pick up the inventory in question that day or the next. We work quickly because time is of the essence with surplus goods.

If you’ve decided that liquidation needs to begin, it’s likely because goods aren’t selling well. That could be because of dating on the packaging, stores closing, buying mistakes, holiday promotions, etc. Often, these products are still viable and ideal for small, secondary market vendors and independent institutions. That’s where we come in.

Opportunity Purchases of Deeply Discounted Name-Brand Goods

Lewisco Holdings buys products of many sorts including food and grocery items, pet items, HBA goods, paper products, and cleaning goods. A few examples include the following:

  • Shelf-stable dry goods
  • Frozen foods
  • Refrigerated grocery items
  • Canned foods
  • Alcohol-free beverages like water, soda, and juices
  • Pet food and treats (wet and dry)
  • Bulk candy, staples, spices, etc.
  • HBA products like deodorant, soap, etc.
  • Cleaning implements and chemicals
  • Paper products
  • Other household products

Buying name-brand goods at rock bottom prices is the opportunity we offer to the vetted buyers in our network. If you’d like to become one of those buyers, give us a call and let us know the type of merchandise that interests you.

We make it a point to refrain from selling to first-line marketers like supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants. Our buyers’ customers and the originally intended customers will not overlap. We sell to private retailers, dollar stores, salvage grocers, schools, jails, food pantries, farmers markets, exporters, or other secondary market members.

Once we bury goods into the secondary market, they stay buried. All of our buyers submit to manufacturer restrictions that govern geography, advertising, display, and other features related to the sale and use of the products. If buyers fail to submit to these rules, penalties are enforced.

Our buyers benefit from profit maximizing, budget stretching prices for high value goods. If any of our buyers is looking for a specific product, we will scour our client network to fulfill that need. Similarly, our clients rely on us for fast and fair efforts.

To become one of our buyers, or to sell your surplus food inventory to us for liquidation purposes, reach out online or by calling (917) 210-9395. Lewisco Holdings makes short work of a critical link in the chain of product distribution.