Sell Your Surplus Food / Grocery Inventory

Waste not, want not! Before zeroing out inventory into the nearest dumpster, sell your surplus food/grocery inventory to Lewisco Holdings. Our streamlined process makes it easy to turn slow-moving goods into clear space and cash reserves. We also provide opportunity for small organizations who’d like to make a profit or do good with name-brand goods at bottom dollar prices.

Sell Your Surplus Food / Grocery InventoryIndependently owned, Lewisco Holdings has a proven process and a strong reputation for fair and fast dealing. Our client accounts number over 3,000, and we liquidate goods from some of the top brands in the country. First-line wholesalers, retailers, and distributors know that we are discreet and careful in how we redistribute products and protect original customer channels.

A group of buyers that has been screened and proven to be trustworthy is essential to the work of a quality liquidator. We’re happy to help small merchants stretch their profit margin and help small-budget organizations do a bit more with the resources they have. Lewisco Holdings concentrates sales on the following types of secondary market members:

  • Independently owned small retailers
  • Dollar stores
  • Food pantries
  • Jails and prisons
  • Exporters
  • Salvage grocers
  • Flea markets
  • Farmers markets
  • Schools

The surplus goods that we buy and re-sell are numerous and focus on the food and grocery market. If you have dry goods, canned foods, refrigerated groceries, alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, bulk goods, HBA merchandise, paper products, or cleaning tools and chemicals, call us for liquidation. We have the perfect targeted, trusted buyer to limit waste and extend goodwill.

Knowing whether liquidation is the appropriate outcome for your goods is fairly simple. If the merchandise is not selling quickly enough to be profitable, you should consider liquidation. Consider closeouts, overstocks, discontinued lines, items near best by or expiration dates, older versions of updated merchandise, cancellations, turndowns, holiday or seasonal goods, or any other slow-selling inventory.

Superior Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings

The plans you make will go awry without appropriate liquidation services. As you manage inventory, you will need to make liquidation decisions, and we should be at the top of mind when you’re ready to pull the trigger. Lewisco Holdings will take care of liquidation, often the same day, and make room for fresh inventory.

Waiting too long for liquidation or choosing a liquidator that takes too long will leave you with unusable goods. We provide an avenue for a return on your investment, and the process will not require much time or redirection of your staff’s energy.

Our experience is extensive. We know how to compensate our clients fairly and act quickly. If liquidation measures aren’t the best option for you, we provide proxy sales and offer a turnkey auction service. Maximize your return through the option that’s best for your products.

If you’re still in doubt regarding our service, consider the following facts about Lewisco Holdings:

  • We function from the Atlantic to the Pacific;
  • Our process protects your brand/label;
  • Our service is swift, and we purchase merchandise outright;
  • Our straightforward process makes it easy for our clients;
  • Payment is immediate, and pickup is the same day or the next;
  • We aren’t brokers or traders – we are liquidators.

If you’re ready to sell your surplus food/grocery inventory, Lewisco Holdings is ready to buy it! Give us a call today: (917) 210-9395.