Sell Your Surplus Dog Food Inventory

Dog food inventory does not last forever, and when it’s difficult to sell your surplus, Lewisco Holdings steps up to the task. Consistent profits require consistent sales. When products don’t move, profits become as stagnant as your sales. Count on us to facilitate your return to quick sales with new products and moving cash flow.

Sell Your Surplus Dog Food InventoryWe’ve been a trusted player in the liquidation arena for decades, and we strive to live up to our reputation day in and day out. No matter how much product is in question, where it’s located, or what season it’s meant for, call us for liquidation. With one call, you can transfer the weight of the product to us.

The Condition of Goods We Liquidate

The products we liquidate vary in condition and aspect, but they all share the existence of a circumstance that makes them no longer appropriate for primary markets. The dog foods that we purchase and redistribute are still viable for use in the rescue and shelter markets as well as small retail and salvage spaces.

If your problematic inventory includes kibble, dehydrated, canned, freeze-dried, organic, jerky, biscuit, or any other type of dog food, call on us at Lewisco Holdings to handle the measures of liquidation. We customarily purchase overstocks, closeouts, discontinued product lines, outdated versions of products with new packaging or formulas, and any other slow-moving merchandise.

Effortless Liquidation for Highest Potential Return

Liquidation provided by Lewisco Holdings is easy. All we require is information. Once you’ve provided photographs, the brand/label, list of ingredients, nutrition facts, package size, quantity, location, and preferred price, we’ll send an offer. Once an agreement is made, payment will be immediate, and product transport will be that day or the next. Our reputation for fairness extends to our offers. You can be sure that we’ll pay what your goods are worth in liquidation.

When you sell your unwanted goods, understand that we will protect the brand’s identity and reputation through discreet measures and adherence to manufacturer restrictions limiting advertising, display, wholesaling, and geographic bounds. Buyers who aren’t able or aren’t willing to protect the brand aren’t suitable to participate in the purchase of liquidated products.

Maintaining control of your brand beyond the liquidation sale is yet another reason to choose Lewisco Holdings. You’ll be able to protect your brand because our entire buying group is committed to protecting the brand, and the group is large enough to make short work of merchandise regardless of volume, season, or location. We even provide a private label and repackaging services when the brand identity can’t be concealed without it.

Choosing us means choosing freedom from the burden of slow-moving goods. We purchase goods outright; we do not broker or trade. Further, we can service the whole continental United States through our numerous warehouses and dedicated carrier fleet criss-crossing the country, picking up and delivering liquidated goods.

Our history of successful transactions demonstrates our ability to provide fair, fast, and confidential liquidation to our clients along with high quality prices at bottom dollar prices for our buyers. Dealing with us is not a risk. We know what we’re doing, and we aim to satisfy all involved.

To sell your surplus dog food inventory with few complications or expenses, call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 210-9395. Our liquidation services surpass the competition.