Sell Your Surplus Beverage Inventory

With decades of experience dealing in surplus goods, Lewisco Holdings will buy and sell your unwanted beverage inventory – and more.

Sell Your Surplus Beverage InventoryIn addition to your beverage inventory, we’ll quickly and fairly purchase a variety of food and grocery, pet items, and general merchandise from your excess inventory so long as you are a member of the primary market. Our clients include some of the largest first line marketers in the country. The reputation that we’ve worked hard to develop over the years pays off in hundreds of buyers, thousands of liquidation sources, and a transfer process that benefits all involved.

Products that are no longer viable for use by the originally intended customers find a new home with us. We’ll purchase and redistribute goods quickly and without any muss or fuss. Holding on to goods that are becoming stagnant and nearing the expiration date can only be detrimental to your sales and reputation.

Beverage Specific Inventory

Any shelf-stable, non-alcoholic beverage is welcome in the Lewisco Holdings inventory. Call us to sell bottled waters, juices, fruit drinks, sodas, ready-to-drink teas or coffee, protein shakes, sports drinks, and more! Don’t wait around and lose your entire investment or continue to hold out hope that slow-movers will suddenly sell. Cut your losses, and give us a call.

Private retailers struggle to find products that allow them to widen their margins while still passing on savings to their customers. Lewisco Holdings is able to provide bottom dollar products that allow these retailers to turn more of a profit while still providing customers with a great deal.

Lewisco Holdings’ inventory also helps independent organizations, schools, prisons, and charities do more with a smaller budget.

When we redistribute your beverage surplus, you’re indirectly benefitting the private retailers, small organizations, and limited-budget institutions within the US.

Our liquidation process is streamlined and effortless. We have years upon years of experience buying goods out of primary markets and sending them into secondary destinations. It starts by simply getting in touch with us and providing info about the merchandise in question.

Lewisco Holdings is able to buy small and large inventories of goods. Our company has the capital, a dedicated carrier network, and warehouses spread from one coast to the other. When we purchase goods, our plan is always to redistribute them into appropriate channels.

The original market is off limits to us, so we focus on alternative customers. We require submission to manufacturer restrictions. If your goods should be sold outside of a current region, done. If you’d like to make sure that your goods are used or sold in a physical location rather than online, done. If you’d prefer that your goods be repackaged to protect your brand and label, done. We offer Mabel’s Farms, our own private label repackaging brand.

Our buyer market is limited to hundreds of vetted small independent marketers and organizations. We target merchandise to specific buyers and ensure that the original customers are never the ultimate target of our buyers.

Don’t trust your label and reputation to unproven liquidators. Choose a proven, established liquidator, like Lewisco Holdings. We will even provide turnkey auction services or act as a proxy salesperson on your behalf.

If you have surplus goods to sell from your beverage, food, or general merchandise inventory, call Lewisco Holdings. We’ll buy it all and pay immediately.