Sell Your Nonperforming Closeout Candy Inventories

Instead of losing your entire investment, sell your nonperforming closeout candy inventories to Lewisco Holdings. We will protect the primary customer markets and the brand as we identify the most appropriate place for your unwanted merchandise.

About Lewisco Holdings

Sell Your Nonperforming Closeout Candy InventoriesLewisco Holdings is an experienced and well-respected liquidator serving the entirety of the continental United States. Our track record demonstrates that we’re capable of providing dead goods with a new life within alternative markets. Some of the producers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors that we serve include the most substantial brands in the country.

Liquidation services from Lewisco Holdings apply to a wide range of product categories. We will buy your bulk holiday, seasonal, or slow-selling candy products, but we will also purchase grocery, beverage, pet food/treats, and various general merchandise.

Shop our inventory to expand profit margin, extend your customer base with great deals, or maximize a tiny organizational budget.

The capacity for liquidation that we have makes it possible for us to buy goods from thousands of different primary sources, leading to a large inventory for the benefit of our customers.

The conditions that make liquidation appropriate include being near or past best by or expiration dates, marked down or as closeout goods, part of a discontinued product line, overstocked, disappointing in sales, older versions of product lines with updates to packaging and formulations, mis-labeled products, canceled orders, turned down loads, seasonal goods, holiday merchandise, promotional items, and other slow-moving merchandise.

Manufacturer restrictions continue to guide liquidated products throughout their use. Any of our customers must avoid advertising, wholesaling, displaying, or selling beyond geographic boundaries. When brand protection proves to be difficult, we have our own label and offer repackaging services as Mabel’s Farms products.

Buyers must also be part of the secondary market. We trust just over 400 entities to buy from our inventory, and they typically include independent retailers, community food pantries, farmers markets, prisons/jails, schools, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, and other alternative customers.

Lewisco Holdings will make an offer on liquidation goods quickly when we receive all of the relevant product information. The photographs, label/brand, ingredient list, nutrition facts, all dates on the package, package size, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price will inform us in a way that allows us to tabulate a fair offer quickly. If an agreement is made regarding the offer, we will pay right away and collect the goods that same day or the following day.

Lewisco Holdings liquidators are:

  • Buyers, not brokers or traders;
  • Purchases from a diversity of goods regardless of volume or location;
  • Protectors of the originally intended customers;
  • Fast actors regarding payment, offers, pickup, sales, and delivery.

Alternative services that we can provide include access to a turnkey auction service, the sales abilities of our team without selling the goods to us first, and the search for specific products upon the request of Lewisco buyers. Consult with our team to discuss the best strategies for your success.

Sell your nonperforming closeout candy inventories to Lewisco Holdings conveniently with a simple call to (917) 210-9395 or by following this link to contact us online. Just because holidays and promotions end doesn’t mean that candy is non-edible; we stop waste and make it possible for customers with limited budgets to enjoy and provide sweets at much lower prices.