Sell Your Excess Inventory

If your business is suffering due to excess inventory that will just not move, choose to sell to Lewisco Holdings. We will buy your problem and redistribute the goods into more appropriate markets. The process that we use will not put the brand at risk or require excessive effort, but it will leave you with the space and funding needed to turn sales figures around.

Sell Your Excess InventoryLewisco Holdings, the foremost provider of liquidation in the US, is fully prepared to liquidate the products that you find lingering on your shelves. Before the goods become completely unusable, allow us to buy them, providing you with cash to reinvest and peace of mind that they aren’t wasted.

Whether you have one pallet of inventory or several truckloads, call on Lewisco Holdings to operate quickly, confidentially, and conveniently.

When sales get slow and you become frustrated, it can be tempting to just chunk it all in the trash and write the goods off as a loss. This temptation can be exceptionally strong when you’re also concerned about any damage that could be done to your brand. By choosing Lewisco Holdings, you can be assured of both brand and customer protection.

If you have grocery, alcohol-free beverage, pet, or household closeouts, call us. Our inventory welcomes goods in a range of circumstances, including mark downs, discontinued product lines, out of date products, and more. We will provide an effortless solution and then sell those goods to screened and targeted buyers within secondary markets all over the US.

Merits of Lewisco Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings offers a variety of benefits for both the seller and buyer of liquidation goods. We bring a wealth of features to the table that work to your advantage. These qualities include:

  • Thirteen warehouse facilities distributed from coast to coast
  • Deep purchasing power for substantial buying potential and prompt payment
  • Dedicated national carrier fleet for same- or next-day pickup and quick reduction of overhead costs and return to regular order
  • Processes to provide fast and fair offers, payment, and pickup
  • Protection for company’s reputation, brand, and original customer channels
  • Strict adherence to manufacturer restrictions regarding advertising, geography boundaries, display, and wholesaling
  • Repackaging services under Mabel’s Farms, our own private label
  • Dedicated and comprehensive customer service
  • Operations as a liquidator – not a broker nor a trader

The Second Half of Liquidation

The process doesn’t end when we purchase goods. We then sell to members of our buying group. This group consists of 400 or so distinct stores and organizations who have been vetted and who have proven their commitment to respect for manufacturer restrictions.

Within this buying group are community food banks, correctional facilities, schools, private grocery stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, farmers markets, flea market vendors, and other alternative customer channels. We do not sell to first line marketers like convenience stores, supermarkets, or restaurants in efforts to prevent any overlap between the originally intended consumer and the liquidation buyer.

Lewisco Holdings is the solution for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, and exporters who are unable to sell excess inventory. Our degree of experience, expertise, process, logistics, and contacts make us the ideal liquidator, and we’re as close as a phone call to (917) 651-0101. To contact us online, follow this link. We anticipate the opportunity to serve as a buyer of unwanted goods or as a source for deals on quality goods.