Sell Your Excess Grocery Inventory

When goods won’t sell, the wise business owner contacts Lewisco Holdings to liquidate excess grocery inventory. Our service will remove these unwanted items, return purchase power, and lower overhead costs. We have the expertise and experience required for an equitable and easy experience.

Sell Your Excess Grocery InventoryBusiness management means making decisions and knowing how to best time inventory liquidation. Before taking an entire loss on unusable merchandise, call Lewisco Holdings. We will confidentially and quickly handle the problem.

How Do We Fulfill This Liquidation Promise?

Lewisco Holdings serves both buyers and sellers with liquidation services. To begin liquidation, a first-time market member must decide the time has come to make the call. We suggest sooner rather than later; the longer you hold on to goods, the less recoupment will come and the more overhead will accumulate.

We purchase products outright for redistribution, provide proxy sales services, and offer a turnkey auction connection. For buyers, we can search our contacts for specific products when requested as well.

As a liquidator, Lewisco Holdings is proud to be respected as a leader. We have broad hooks in the market with thousands of inventory sources paired with hundreds of trusted buyers. The third leg of logistics is well met as well, making us able to reach from one coast to the other with a straightforward and effortless process of liquidation.

For speedy removal of unwanted goods, choose liquidation. We can clear your warehouses and shelves of goods while providing an injection of ready cash. We can purchase all quantities of goods and then bury them completely within alternative markets where they don’t risk damaging your company’s brand by being seen in less than pristine condition.

At the other end of liquidation is purchasing. Lewisco Holdings sells inventory to opportunity buyers all over the country. We buy and sell all of the following categories of goods: alcohol-free beverages; frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned foods; wet/dry pet food or treats; HBA items; bulk candy, spices, or staples; cleaning tools and chemicals; paper products; and other household closeout goods.

The entities that buy our goods are limited. We avoid first-line marketers like restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Instead, we focus on alternative customers like salvage grocery stores, correctional facilities, schools, food pantries, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and private mom and pop shops.

When these entities join our buyer group, they have to commit to discretion. Specifically, they must refrain from display, advertising, wholesaling, and extending beyond geographic bounds. To make sure that this concealment occurs, we offer repackaging under the Lewisco Holdings’ private label, Mabel’s Farms. The new packaging will appropriately hide the original brand.

Opportunity buyers who’d like to do more with a small budget, stretch their customer bases, or grow their profit margin appreciate the inventory and products that we offer. If you’d like to become one of these buyers, reach out to our team to verify screening and relate the categories of goods that interest you. We will call with opportunities for purchase when we add these goods to our inventory.

Retailers and wholesalers, sell your excess grocery inventory to Lewisco Holdings. We make the process easy and operate fairly. Learn more by calling (917) 651-0101 or contacting us online. We’ll begin straightaway to fulfill your needs, whether you’d like to become a source or recipient of our inventory.