Sell Your Closeout Dog Food Inventory

Feed all the pups when you sell your closeout dog food inventory to Lewisco Holdings. The supply chain doesn’t end with the production, distribution, or retail links. Liquidation extends the supply chain into secondary markets, where products can be of use despite not being in pristine condition. 

Sell Your Closeout Dog Food InventoryStoring inventory for too long can be extremely problematic. You’ll continue accruing overhead expenses without hope of sales. Look to Lewisco Holdings for a liquidation solution. We can give your otherwise dead merchandise a second life. 

Reach out to us online or by phone to learn more about our processes. Lewisco Holdings is able to offer the max amount of recoupment, quickly and fairly.

Liquidating Dog Food

Truck accidents, turned down loads, mis-labeled packaging, and other conditions make dog food unsuited for first-line markets, but their imperfect condition doesn’t mean that they’re not useful. Every type of dog food can be liquidated, and Lewisco Holdings has the buyers and the logistics to see it done appropriately and discreetly.

Kibble – Dry dog food is generally affordable and long lasting. Crunching on the dry dog food is good for tartar reduction. Users also don’t have to worry about keeping this type of dog food refrigerated. The various types of kibble may be directed toward dogs at all stages of development and are available at all levels of quality. 

Canned – Canned dog food is wet and soft with a long shelf life but a higher price point. As with kibble, the nutritional value may vary. 

Semi-Moist – Dog foods shaped into individual patties, chops, and other meaty variations have little nutrition and are best served occasionally. 

From mom-and-pop retailers to flea market vendors, animal shelters, and deep-discount salvage grocery stores, the alternative market demand for liquidated dog food is real and thriving. Lewisco Holdings has the logistics, customer base, purchase power, and buyer network needed to handle the entire liquidation process quickly and fairly.

Our Liquidation Operations

Lewisco Holdings has our liquidation efforts down to a science. We work diligently, committed to customer satisfaction and discretion. Our efforts allow wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to get rid of unwanted merchandise and secure as much of the investment as possible.

We give otherwise dead products a second chance at life and minimize both loss and waste. 

In addition to dog food, we at Lewisco Holdings purchase frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry goods; alcohol-free drinks; and general merchandise like HBA, paper, and cleaning items. 

All of our buyers come from nontraditional markets. We don’t sell to supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants. All of Lewisco Holdings’s inventory is far removed from traditional customer channels, and every buyer is well-screened and required to follow manufacturer guidelines. 

Mabel’s Farms, our own private label, protects brands through repackaging when they’re difficult to conceal, and none of our products can be displayed, advertised, wholesaled, or sold outside of geographic limits. These protections keep the brand’s identity and reputation from being damaged in any way during liquidation. 

In addition to purchasing your products outright, we can also provide a digital turnkey auction solution or serve as a salesforce to find a buyer for your products.

When closeout dog food inventory is hampering your business, sell it to Lewisco Holdings. We’re liquidators – not brokers or traders. Explore how we can be of help by contacting us online or by calling (917) 210-9395.